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'Everything about my body was still tingling.'
If you're reading this, you probably like hot sex-but what even makes that sex "hot" to begin with? Well, sometimes, a specific sexual experience remains burned in your brain as the sexiest moment ever-whether that's down
Spread the holiday cheer!
Food paves the way to people's hearts like no other category can-after all, we all eat not just for fuel but also as a way to connect with other people. And there's nothing like the joy sparked
They're all Instagrammable!
You better watch out, you better not pout because places around the metro have already decked the halls this holiday season! With the looser quarantine restrictions (at least until December 15, 2021), more areas in Metro Manila are preparing to welcome families
Meet Louise Lizano, a postgraduate student at the University of Winnipeg.
Have you ever dreamed of living abroad? The thought of building a new life in another country can be exhilarating. Of course, turning that dream into a reality is easier said than done, especially when you're going to do it
'It's like rolling waves of pleasure.'
If you're one of the few women who can pull off multiple orgasms like they're NBD, congrats! For the rest of us, multiple orgasms continue to be one of those holy grail sex myths. And even though research
Mayor Michael Rama urged the public to get jabbed for the country.
Cebu City will enforce a "no vaccine, no entry" policy in most indoor and outdoor spaces starting January 1, 2022, its mayor said Monday, as he urged the public to get jabbed against COVID-19. The policy, which is meant to provide
This life hack is such a gamechanger!
If you're really into Christmas, who can blame you? There's chocolate to wake you up in the morning, chaotic and memorable office parties, and obviously the best films going. It really is the most wonderful time of the
We learn how it has done more for their relationships than avoiding unwanted pregnancies.
In the days before contraception became widespread, women wanting to engage in cis-het penetrative sex, and not find themselves pregnant, went to great-and often dangerous lengths-to do so. Considering that the contraceptive pill was introduced in the UK only
Including cake, ice cream bars, donuts, and more!
Christmas, as they say, is a time for giving and sharing. But for the dessert-lovers out there, it's also the most wonderful time of the year to indulge in all things sweet! We're approaching the end of
In 2014, Park Seo Joon flew to Boracay for a photoshoot.
Korean stars have demonstrated their love for the Philippines time and again. In fact, some of them even lived here for awhile! Of course, when they're not in the country to study English or meet fans through official engagements, our
There are multiple Meg Thee Stallion quotes listed, naturally.
Sometimes the universe is just on your side. I'm talking about those days when you've put together the perfect 'fit, your makeup's just right, and your hair is falling exactly into place. Not only do
If you need budget finds, this is the best place to be!
The pandemic has changed the way we do different things, including shopping for home finds. Many stores have upgraded their platforms and even launched websites to accommodate orders even during lockdowns. Dapitan Arcade, the must-visit bargain stop, launched its own online
Give your doggo some love!
Leave it to man's best friend to get us through a global pandemic. Pets have always been the companions that get us through the toughest moments, and it looks like they helped us the most during the pandemic. According to
It's located on top of the picturesque Kawit Point.
As quarantine restrictions ease, going places is now on everyone's mind. While it might take a few more months for travel to return to normal, we're already eagerly preparing our travel bucket lists for when that happens. And
Time to plump up those peaches.
Eating a balanced diet, getting our daily steps in and drinking plenty of water are just a few of the ways we can stay healthy and live longer lives. One thing we didn't realize could improve our life expectancy though,
'Somehow, it felt natural.'
I noticed Clemence* as soon as she walked in-how could I not? She was tall and slim, with long brunette hair and an interesting face. The word "pretty" would have done her a disservice. She was beautiful.The networking event had
You also get to protect our environment from unnecessary waste!
Partylist Akbayan said Monday it opened a booth where discarded and damaged face shields can be exchanged for free vitamins, face masks, and alcohol sprays to encourage proper disposal of the now non-requirement.The "Palit Face Shield" booth is located at
They have sushi, sashimi, ramen, and more!
Is it any wonder Japanese food is such a hit with Filipinos? With its umami-rich character, it appeals to the local love for flavor-and paired with the emphasis on quality, it's the kind of cuisine that pleases both
You still gotta follow safety protocols, of course.
Tourism in the Philippines is slowly reopening after more than a year of closure due to the pandemic. But while people are excited to travel again to satisfy their wanderlust, cities and provinces are still implementing health and safety protocols and requiring