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Saving all these looks!
Hello there! When it comes to outfits, we're big fans of outfits that are made up of a mix of trendy and basic clothing pieces. He's Into Her actress Melizza Jimenez is one celeb we've noticed
'Hindi siya napagod na mag-video call kahit alam ko na puyat na puyat siya.'
ICYMI, Andrea Brillantes revealed earlier this month in an interview with Boy Abunda that she had tested positive for COVID-19. She said that it was one of the toughest experiences in her life. "Okay naman po ako, physically, wala akong nararamdaman.
We want all the colors, please!
It's no secret that most of us have been obsessed with ordering desserts, baked goods, and sweet treats during this quarantine. To us, they serve as ~rewards~ for a job well done at school or work. As you ordered yet
We want her whole wardrobe, TBH.
YouTuber and content creator Ashley Garcia has *always* understood the assignment when it comes to her outfits. Whether it's Y2K-inspired or full of earth tones, you can always count on the 22-year-old to create winning OOTDs. Aside
Taking notes RN!
Matching outfits aren't just for couples-you can try them with your siblings, too! If you need some inspo on how to coordinate outfits with your sibs without making them look cringy, just check out Ivana and Mona Alawi'
We want all of the colors!
Fact: A good pair of earphones is a *must-have* if you have online classes or you work from home. Not only does it allow you to talk and listen in on your calls, but it's also great for blocking
The outfits and transitions were *chef's kiss*!
Hello there! ICYMI, Cassy Legaspi, one of our favorite Gen Z stars, just uploaded her first-ever dance cover on her YouTube channel. She danced to BLACKPINK Lisa's debut singles, "MONEY" and "LALISA." Mind you, she didn't just
We got to learn more about the 18-year-old dancer!
If you love watching dance covers of famous K-pop songs, then you probably stumbled upon AC Bonifacio's videos once or twice. Not only do they show how talented she is, but they also have some serious production value-it&#
BRB, taking down notes!
Hello there! One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube is videos of people's desk tours. It might be the chismosa in me, but I just love finding out how others organize their things and maximize their space. Also,
They both have good taste in fashion.
If you haven't noticed yet, the Internet basically thinks that Gen Z rising star Cassy Legaspi and K-drama actress Han So Hee look like each other. Both have also been booked and busy this year, with Cassy starring in
25 easy hacks to breathe new life into your wardrobe.
We're all looking for ways that we can be more sustainable when it comes to fashion and the way we shop. There are now lots of brands out there embracing new ethical production processes and working with materials that make the
Were you expecting anything less?
Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox are not a duo I could have predicted back in 2020, but here they are in full force. Kourtney and Megan have been spotted everywhere from UFC matches to the VMAs, the latter of which is where
They’re said to be a cure-all for zits, but are they really?
If I could show you a picture of my medicine cabinet right now (which, hey, become my BFF and I will), you'd see that I have an entire section dedicated to hydrocolloid patches-aka pimple patches. I've got your O.
Is it too much to get all of these?
Let's be honest here: Scorpio is kiiinda one of the most hated signs, so your big reputation absolutely precedes you. You get a lot of flack for being possessive and vengeful, but if we look underneath that tough exterior, you've
For your all-pink aesthetic.
We recently listed some gorgeous white sneakers decked out in pretty pastel accents that you can shop in the Metro right now-perfect for those of you who love rocking colorful lace-ups, but prefer to keep your look soft and delicate.
Do you sit down all day, every day? Scientists have just figured out how much exercise you need to make up for it.
Working from home has its benefits, but the amount of time stuck indoors with no events, conferences, or even lunch breaks at the mall has amounted to hours upon hours of sitting down with little physical activity. Aside from threatening the shape
Stock up on Birks in shades of violet, lavender, orchid, and more.
In case you missed it, Birkenstock is having a huge sale this September and you may already be searching through their online catalog to decide which styles are worth adding to your collection. If you need some help narrowing down your choices,
She's acing it in both the dance and style department.
When it comes to streetwear, sneakers are a staple piece that can make or break your 'fit. And as one of her generation's most promising dancers, it's only natural for Niana Guerrero to own the coolest collection
These will last wayyy longer than a bouquet.
Who doesn't love a nice floral moment?! Floral perfumes, cocktails, prints, home decor-you get the point. But if you haven't added flower tattoos to that list, consider it one more reason to love the little blossoms. They&#
And she made her boyfriend react to it!
Many of today's top content creators initially working in a different field before committing full-time to making multimedia content. Did you know that Verniece Enciso, blogger-turned-vlogger, started out as a figure skater? Verniece, who now shares a