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Stick with your normal skincare routine, guys.
Let me start from the beginning: It was a Friday night and I was out with my two best besties. We were working our way through frozen wine pitchers (as you do during girls' night), and as the frosé flowed, so
Neurologist-approved, baby!
If you've ever had a migraine (or just a regular headache, TBH), you know they're the absolute pits. Yes, the pits! They're 1) painful, 2) a nuisance to functioning as a human, 3) miserable, and, oh
I’ve already got my appointment booked.
Listen, getting highlights or going lighter in your hair color is totally fun in theory, but the constant touch-up appointments are kind of a drag IMO. That's why I'm super into the shadow root trend right now, which involves
Because this trendy yet versatile piece instantly upgrades any ‘fit.
The puff-sleeve top has been every fashion girl's piece-de-resistance over the past few years. From its regal beginnings back in the 14th to 17th century as the go-to silhouette during the renaissance era, to modern romantic iterations
Get ready to screenshot your faves.
If you find it hard to pick a nail color at the best of times, imagine how you're going to feel on your wedding day. Yeah, bridal nails are a whole different level but don't worry if you&#
These methods help the environment, too.
Fun fact: one of the most sustainable hobbies you can adopt is learning how to upcycle clothes. In addition to reducing waste and leaning away from fast fashion, reinventing your old wardrobe pieces also offers a load of other benefits: you get
Because true happiness starts from within.
Self-love is super important, not just because it's nourishing and uplifting to prioritize our wellbeing and speak to ourselves with affection, but because it means we're then in a better position to give and receive love to
Might wanna leave this one to the pros.
My life was forever changed when I got my first professional lash lift five years ago. The process was easy, the results were amazing, and there wasn't really anything I didn't love about it-except for the price.
I would love an app that DIDN’T make me feel terrible, thanks.
t wasn't the first time I didn't understand something on TikTok. But it was the first time I had literally no idea what was happening in the videos. Maybe it was because the reaction I saw in each clip (gasps,
You'll feel like a kid again!
Let's just be brutally honest here: Even though most of us are fully grown adults, we don't all know how to properly ride a two-wheeler bicycle. Don't worry, we accept you. Some have learned to
Thankfully, it's pretty easy to treat.
Let's take a poll: Raise your hand if you've ever felt a bump on your butt before and chalked it up to butt acne. Great, so that makes all of us! Not only is "butt acne" super common-no
Yes, hello, hi, Olivia Rodrigo just dropped her new single "Good 4 U," and in case you're wondering, yes. Everyone does think the song is about her breakup with Joshua Bassett. This is Olivia's third single from her
In the local beauty pageant scene, the brand Bragais is a household name. Beauty queens like Catriona Gray, Shamcey Supsup, Katarina Rodriguez have worn their heels and have attested to its top-notch quality. So, it should come to nobody's
Aside from it dominating the charts when it drops, of course.
I'm gonna say it RTFN: 2021 is Olivia Rodrigo's MF year, and not a single soul can stop her. When she released her smash hit single-"Drivers License," duhhh-earlier this year, Olivia kinda turned into a teen
Don’t worry, I got an actual colorist to talk you through it.
Every six weeks, almost like clockwork, I look at my sad, grown-out roots in the mirror and ask myself the question every hairstylist fears: Should I give myself at-home highlights? But, like, how TF does one highlight their own hair
Advice straight from a tattoo artist.
Let me guess: You recently got a tattoo, diligently followed the proper tattoo aftercare, and just noticed that your tattoo is now peeling. Wtf. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, the many stages of the healing process can send
These candy-colored pairs are perfect for the sunny season!
When it comes to choosing summer-ready shoes that are durable enough for a variety of weather conditions and versatile enough for outfits of all kinds, Birkenstock has long been a popular choice for beach-goers and lovers of outdoor activities. If
Bigger is definitely better.
Japan is home to a couple of famous chocolate brands, one of which is Meiji Apollo. The mountain-shaped strawberry-chocolate candy is a favorite among folks of all ages-so much so, in fact, that you can find other spinoff desserts
Spoiler: I'm never going back to waxing.
What do you do when you have body hair you'd rather live without (which, btw, is 100 percent your choice and is not something you should feel obligated to remove) but have tried and hated all the popular DIY hair removal
How much sunscreen do you REALLY need?
Since the whole sunscreen internet debacle with Gwyneth Paltrow-she applied her SPF like it was blush and highlighter, y'all-everyone has begun triple-checking their own sun protection habits. The priority, of course, is to get rid of all