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How could you say no to two favorites in one?
Filipino food is becoming more and more well-known around the world, and one venture that's made a mark is Kora. This New York-based, online-only doughnut bakery gives the pastry a spin by employing Filipino flavors such as
I mean, see a derm first. But this can help, too.
If you've dealt with breakouts, you're probably reeeal familiar with this spiral: Your skin freaks out. Then you freak out. Then your skin gets worse. Then your feels follow suit. Then....It's vicious and cyclical, for sure-but it'
These aren't the tumblers from your grade school days.
You probably know houseware brand Lock and Lock best for their tried-and-true food storage containers, which keep your meals and ingredients fresh whether stored in the fridge or packed for lunch on-the-go. In fact, over the years, Lock
They aren't really necessary!
It's not a sin to go all-out and extra with your skincare routine. You can have five, 10, or heck, even 15 steps-as long as they work for you and your skin is thriving, that's your
We hope these become available locally soon!
When you're craving soju or a soju cocktail, it's easy to get those cravings fixed just by going to the nearest convenience store or the nearest supermarket. These green-colored bottles filled with a clear distilled alcoholic beverage
'Every time I looked in the mirror, a stranger looked back at me.'
In case ya missed it, Priyanka Chopra just added published author to her miles-long list of achievements. The actress' first book Unfinished: A Memoir dives into parts of her life that are new to fans-including what should have been
It's such a flattering hair color choice for Filipinas!
Done updating your wardrobe for the summer? A hair makeover should be next in line! And if you're a morena girl looking for a subtle refresh, we found the perfect color you should try, courtesy of Gabbi Garcia's
For Gen Z, love is at a standstill.
The pandemic gave Mara (not her real name) the reprieve she needed from the pressure of getting married before 30. At 32, she is still single AF and she is not rushing-not when the virus still lurks.It's different
Drop these ASAP.
Needing to blot your T-zone every two hours is not fun. Having oily skin myself, I sympathize on an almost spiritual level. Still, hear me out: Having oily skin isn't that bad. It actually has some great long-term
These no-frills pairs are perfect for your understated looks.
Sportswear giant Adidas releases tons of new sneakers every season, from themed pairs for holidays to updated iterations of classic styles like the Stan Smith and Continental 80-and yes, it can be hard to keep up. In case your favorites from
Yes, please!
For those who frequent convenience stores, you might have spotted an unusual canned Coca-Cola product called the Coca-Cola thêm Cà Phê. This is a Coca-Cola hybrid product that at first sip tastes and feels like Coke, then has
These styles are anything but cheesy, btw.
Need an excuse to take your hair out of that greasy-ass bun you've been wearing all month (...year)? Here's a hot little tip for ya: Valentine's Day is quickly approaching-and whether you're celebrating with your
Truly, the best of both worlds.
If you've ever looked at someone's hair color and wondered Is their hair red or blonde? Here's your answer: It's both, and it's called ~*strawberry blonde*~. Like the lighter version of auburn
It's actually *different* from your regular breakouts.
If you have a lovely smattering of small pimples that won't freakin' go away, even with your usual acne treatments, you miiiight be experiencing something called fungal acne-i.e., acne-looking bumps that are usually tiny, uniform, red,
These are double tap-worthy looks!
Hey, there's nothing wrong with wearing the same eyeshadow look every day. But I know you have a saved folder on Instagram filled with major eye inspo that you have on hand just in case some random occasion comes up
And it costs almost P10,000.
Making us choose our favorite Daphne Bridgerton look is like making a parent choose a favorite child. However, this we can say: She reignited our obsession with puff-sleeve dresses (not that it ever went away, honestly). It's even harder
Get ready to see these looks all over your IG feed.
Here's the thing: Even though I have about eight million nail polish bottles in my collection, I still have a hard time veering away from my regular shades. But after noticing a shit ton of mauve nail ideas on my
You know it as the sole reason you've been able to get out of bed for the past year, but caffeine's got another job now: taking over the haircare industry. And unlike some of the other buzzy ingredients you see
Prepare to screenshot all of these ideas.
Black and white is probably the only color combo that's as modern as it is retro. Because of that, black-and-white nails are one of those looks you're going to want to come back to over and
We love her style!
ICYMI, Lovi Poe's Instagram feed has recently been brimming with travel OOTDs all the way from Los Angeles, California. It seems the 31-year-old actress has spent the holiday break sauntering around the City of Angels, and we'