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Is it too much to get all of these?
Let's be honest here: Scorpio is kiiinda one of the most hated signs, so your big reputation absolutely precedes you. You get a lot of flack for being possessive and vengeful, but if we look underneath that tough exterior, you've
For your all-pink aesthetic.
We recently listed some gorgeous white sneakers decked out in pretty pastel accents that you can shop in the Metro right now-perfect for those of you who love rocking colorful lace-ups, but prefer to keep your look soft and delicate.
Do you sit down all day, every day? Scientists have just figured out how much exercise you need to make up for it.
Working from home has its benefits, but the amount of time stuck indoors with no events, conferences, or even lunch breaks at the mall has amounted to hours upon hours of sitting down with little physical activity. Aside from threatening the shape
Stock up on Birks in shades of violet, lavender, orchid, and more.
In case you missed it, Birkenstock is having a huge sale this September and you may already be searching through their online catalog to decide which styles are worth adding to your collection. If you need some help narrowing down your choices,
She's acing it in both the dance and style department.
When it comes to streetwear, sneakers are a staple piece that can make or break your 'fit. And as one of her generation's most promising dancers, it's only natural for Niana Guerrero to own the coolest collection
These will last wayyy longer than a bouquet.
Who doesn't love a nice floral moment?! Floral perfumes, cocktails, prints, home decor-you get the point. But if you haven't added flower tattoos to that list, consider it one more reason to love the little blossoms. They&#
And she made her boyfriend react to it!
Many of today's top content creators initially working in a different field before committing full-time to making multimedia content. Did you know that Verniece Enciso, blogger-turned-vlogger, started out as a figure skater? Verniece, who now shares a
Derms weigh in on everything you need to know.
TBH, it seems like every other day there's a new skincare ingredient blowing up my IG feed. And, hey, I'm not entirely mad about it-especially since a lot of them are packed with legit benefits. The latest
Sick of neutrals? I got you.
IDK about you, but I'm honestly so over painting my nails the same colors again and again. No shade to my go-to neutrals and pastels but I need to mix it up. Thankfully, a new nail trend has come
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Literally.
Every few weeks, a challenge comes around that takes the internet by storm. No, we're not talking about mostly harmless TikTok trends like the #BussItChallenge (my knees are still pissed at me) or the super sexy Silhouette Challenge. No, friends.
Your old photos aren't the only thing you can post on #ThrowbackThursdays!
A big part of anyone's childhood includes snacks they grew up with. These are the snacks that you asked your parents to buy for you, the snacks that you bought from the sari-sari store near your school with your
Keep your look neutral, but change up the silhouette.
Those of you who prefer to stick to a minimalist wardrobe may find it fairly easy to choose clothing considering you can quickly narrow down your search to neutral tones, basic styles, and essential pieces. However, a question that may often plague
Anyone else getting major Marilyn Monroe vibes?
Selena Gomez just debuted a new bleach blonde layered bob and she's giving us very much Old Hollywood glam.Posing for the cover of Elle USA's first-ever Latinx issue, Selena swapped her trademark brown waves for a
They're less than P3,000 each!
There's a phenomenon in fashion known as "the 20-year rule," and it's a principle that holds true for clothing, music, art, home decor, television, and film. The rule dictates that two decades is about the time it
Truly everyone needs to try this out at least once.
I'm gonna bet that your current conditioning routine involves haphazardly raking a blob of conditioner through your curls, letting it sit for a few minutes (jk, like 60 seconds max), rinsing it out, and calling it a day. Hey, that
It became popular in 2020.
A Filipino gamer puts a new spin to the phrase, "earning money while you sleep." Euan Garcera, aka ETS Gaming, has been streaming his gaming content on Facebook for almost a year, but penetrating the gaming community and earning money from streaming
A worthy addition to your white sneaker collection.
In the sneaker world, new styles, silhouettes, and colorways are unveiled pretty much every day. The oversaturation in the market can sometimes make the sneaker game feel a little overwhelming that collectors often have to rifle through style after style before finding
Literally anything goes—if you ask the right way.
The best thing about tarot is that honestly, you can ask those cards A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. There's no question too out-there for the tarot-and better yet, there's no judgment. There's literally no
One of them even has a bicycle repair station!
More Filipinos are turning to biking to get around the city. With that, more restaurants are implementing measures to make their establishments accomodating to bikers. Dunkin, for one, ingeniously launched a "bike-thru" lane at their Visayas Avenue branch in January, which
You'll never pick a nude again.
Neon is probably the most divisive color family out there, isn't it? But there's no denying that it's a super cool trend-especially for 2021.If you're not feeling bold enough to inject some