Try not to take a bite!
If your snack of choice when hankering for something sweet is a classic crunchy-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside, baked-to-golden-brown-perfection chocolate chip cookie, we bet even the smell of these treats baking in the oven is
Get ready for a horror marathon on Halloween.
Halloween is just around the corner, and with quarantine keeping everyone indoors, we'll have to celebrate at home-with the scariest movies in history. And we're not talking about those cute horror films like Prom Night. We'
Sue's Cake Gallery does customized cakes, too.
More being a way of fulfilling our sweet tooth, cakes are also a wonderful medium to play around with visual elements like color-and we spotted a cake on our feed that totally caught our eye. Dubbed the Rainbow Watercolor Cake (P880/
They're less than P400 each!
Slippers have always been a life necessity, but now that most of us are home 24/7, they've become the footwear we live in nearly every second of every day-the white sneakers of the pandemic era. You may have
We're obsessed!
By now, you must have figured out that the white sneaker trend (or perhaps we ought to call it a movement, a cult, or a lifestyle) is here to stay. If you ask us, its popularity is well-deserved-anyone can wear
Perfect for your dainty aesthetic!
If you're obsessed with all things floral, we found an IG shop will make your dainty, flowery aesthetic dreams come true. Feast your eyes on Studio Jilbi's gorgeous resin pieces!MORE RESIN FINDS HERE:Studio Jilbi's
This is not a drill!
If you grew up eating Meiji Apollo, then you'll know that its fruity-chocolatey profile is hard to beat. Chances are you probably find yourself hankering for it to this day-and if you're a big fan of
We want her life!
As temperatures drop and you know what lingers, Netflix's light-hearted new comedy-drama series Emily in Paris is like a much-needed hug. Released at the start of October, we've already binged all ten episodes about young marketing exec
And nope, it's actually not as expensive as Emily's designer wardrobe!
There's no denying that fashion was one big factor that fueled our newfound obsession for Netflix's Emily in Paris. The 10-episode series was a visual treat from start to finish, starring Lily Collins as the American Emily Cooper who
We're in love with her short 'do!
We're big believers of getting a full hair makeover whenever, wherever. Really, you don't need to be going through a major life moment for a chop-the sudden urge to get one is enough. Though we aren'
Hmm, interesting.
While Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls-themed collection of beauty products is definitely intriguing, let's bookmark those tabs for later because we need to discuss Brooklyn's new tattoo.MORE OF BROOKLYN + NICOLA'S RELATIONSHIP HERE:To
'I will not change my skin color. I love my skin.'
Gabbi Garcia is proud of her morena skin.But the 21-year-old actress admitted that growing up, she used to feel insecure about her skin color.More than a dozen times, she auditioned and got rejected because the part went to
Now, where to begin?
Publicity stunts are either hit or miss. We're sure the internet has seen its fair share of cringey PR stunts, but rarely are we gifted with such brilliant ideas that actually inspire us. In this case, Netflix just pulled off
Twelve regional routes have been approved by the LTFRB.
Provincial buses are officially set to return on Wednesday, September 30, around six months after they were barred from entering the capital region due to the quarantine.ALSO READ: The EDSA Busway Will Go Cashless With Beep Cards Starting Oct. 1A total
Head over to Go Grill Mart!
Maybe it's the premise of stumbling upon one-of-a-kind food finds, or that of getting to explore other cultures through their different eats-but there's always something thrilling about going into a Korean or Japanese grocery
Find your new go-to scent from these proudly Philippine-made ranges.
Instead of searching far and wide for your next signature scent, explore options that are literally ~close to home~. Ahead, we run down five local fragrance brands to consider, regardless if you're looking for a potent perfume or a barely-
You'll want to collect everything!
Hello Kitty fans, here's another thing you'll want to add to your collection of Hello Kitty-themed things: Skechers is coming out with a sneaker collection featuring your favorite Sanrio character and you'll want every single
Sariling sikap muna!
Salon visits may be limited at the moment, but it shouldn't stop you from experimenting with different hair colors if you feel like changing up your look. You can always purchase a box of hair dye the next time you
These simple storage solutions will make you want to tidy up!
If you've been spending most of your time indoors (we hope you are!), then you've probably been working on how to make your space a bit more organized and maybe even #aesthetic. In case you're in
Imagine the flavors of Yakult in an oh-so-creamy cake.
What's not to love about Yakult? The cultured milk drink is sweet and tangy-and it happens to be good for your gut, too. Beyond the straight-up drink, we've also seen Yakult spinoff treats like milk tea
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