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Hello to everyone everyone except Selena Gomez's online trolls.
Good morning to everyone except Selena Gomez's online trolls! On April 10, the actress and singer addressed the hate she continues to get from trolls who rudely comment on her looks, unprompted.On her TikTok Stories, Selena started off by
The newlyweds look like they came straight out of a K-drama happy ending!
Two of Korea's most celebrated actors have officially tied the knot! Reel-to-real couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin just got married on March 31, according to their respective agencies, VAST entertainment and MSTeam. "We express deep gratitude
'What is a shirt?' — Timmy, probably
The assignment at the 2022 Oscars? Showing as much skin as possible, because it is 2022, we are vaccinated and we are ready to celebrate the MOVIES. The celebs really went off with their looks this year, whether that meant skipping a
They just got married on March 23, 2022.
Erich Gonzales is officially married. The actress wed her long-time boyfriend Mateo Lorenzo in an intimate wedding ceremony at St. James The Great Parish in Alabang, Muntinlupa on March 23, 2022. The marriage banns of their wedding first went public in
We love a 2/2/22 engagement date.
Surprise, Kissing Booth fans: Joey King is engaged! The actress announced on Insta today that her longtime love Steven Piet proposed to her on 2/2/22."I never knew happiness could be so powerful that it can take the air from
Uh, he allegedly pretended to be a paramedic to get a COVID-19 vaccine??
Hello, welcome everyone who's been vaguely traumatized by Netflix's documentary The Tinder Swindler and is anxiously wondering where its subject Simon Leviev (aka Shimon Hayut) is now. As we learned at the end of the documentary, Simon-who ran a
There's a whole load more to Simon Leviev's scams.
The Tinder Swindler has basically taken over Netflix this past week, with viewers all over the world hooked on the story of con artist Simon Leviev (real name: Shimon Hayut) and his scam victims.While the documentary exposed the shocking ways in
'One day I dreamed of it, I worked on it and today it is a dream come true.'
Victoria's Secret has been undergoing a major rebrand over the last few years, famously cancelling their fashion show and retiring their crew of "Angels"-both of which received criticism for the lack of diversity and outdated ideas of what defined "
The show is based on the true story of Anna Delvey.
Inventing Anna is Netflix's latest big hit, based on the real events surrounding fake heiress and convicted fraudster, Anna Delvey (real name: Anna Sorokin).The series openly presents itself as a combination of fact and fiction, beginning each episode with
'I wouldn't be able to control myself.'
Bella Hadid is joining the ranks of sober celebs-and she's being refreshingly candid about her experiences with alcohol and why she decided to stop drinking.For context, Bella's journey to sobriety is tied to her work with
Time to put that *proficient in Microsoft Office suite* resume skill to work.
Welcome to January 2022, aka March 2020 the sequel, where we've reverted to pretty much every activity we resorted to at the beginning of lockdown (anything but the aimless Zoom happy hours, pls!). Thank you Omicron for gracing us with your
Because you can't just hide under your bed for three weeks.
Oh no. You accidentally signed that contract, moved, made a major purchase, started that new job, or went official with your new boo during Mercury Retrograde-which every single guide says you're not supposed to. Hold up, bb. You can stop
Here's exactly which remedies to rely on and which you should never, ever try.
We're going to assume that you've made it here because you have some highly uncomfortable yeast infection symptoms or other sitch happening down there that's not your norm-the itching, the stinging, the irritation, ugh. And we know you
Oui, oui!
After lapping up season 2 of Emily in Paris, fans were full of questions about whether Lily Collins would make a Parisian return. Seriously, is there going to be a third series of Emily in Paris? Here's what we know
Rubber bands + genitals = a very bad idea.
Say what you will about penises, but those things are pretty special. Not only do they give pleasure and help populate the world, but they also keep their owners very, very entertained. So entertained, in fact, that penis-havers sometimes do strange
What does your sign hold in 2022?
Chat moderator Belle believes 2022 will be the year she'll find a boyfriend and stop saying "sana all" because it's written in the stars by her zodiac sign, with her horoscope serving as a compass for true love
We've all fallen down that TikTok hole before.
It's the fifth bowl of perfectly assembled oats I've seen this morning; who knew chia seeds could be such a point of contention? The videos continue; matching workout sets, a green juice, some time for journaling, and a fashion show
Fr. Roniel Sulit said he got super nervous during the ceremony.
Father Roniel Sulit was sweating and shaking as he delivered the homily during the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, going viral for a real-life display of what happens when former lovers cross paths, and before the altar at that.The bride,
Filipino craftsmanship on the world stage!
Miss Nigeria Maristella Okpala's national costume at Miss Universe 2021 impressively captured her country's culture.It won for the 28-year-old beauty queen the Best in National Costume award during the pageant's grand coronation night
Pinoys are the wittiest!
Miss Universe 2021 is over, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the tweets the hilarious people over at Twitter are making. Instead of just the usual focus on Miss Universe contestants though, this year, Filipinos have been