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Can't choose between coffee and milk tea? Just have both!
We've all at some point wanted to drink two beverages at the same time but had to serve it in two separate glasses or tumblers. If you don't want to keep cleaning two glasses every time, we just
It comes in seven pretty colors!
If you're looking for a great brewing device to match your home's aesthetic, here's a stylish machine worth checking out: The Noon 15-Bar Coffee Machine would look so pretty on your curated coffee nook. You
Fearless (Taylor’s Version) can’t sound *exactly* like the original for one important reason.
Taylor Swift, ever the ambitious pop star, is embarking on what's probably her wildest project to date-rerecording six of her nine albums entirely from scratch. It kinda goes without saying that the rerecording process will be an arduous task, but
Time to declutter.
When it comes to your home, anything goes. If you like it, you go for it-whether that means Japandi, TikTok vibes, or Scandi-inspired. But we can all be guilty of making mistakes now and again, and most often than not,
Your favorite snack is now a dessert.
Lotte's Pepero comes in different flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, White Cookie, Cream Cheese, Double Dip Yogurt, and Sweet Potato. If we're talking about a popular Pepero flavor-arguably, the best-nothing beats the Almond-flavored Pepero. The biscuit
And many patients believe their symptoms aren't being taken seriously.
Trigger warning: Graphic images aheadIn June 2020, Hannah (who wants to be identified only by her first name) was standing outside of her family home with her dad when he told her to stand still. He snapped a picture of the back
These bbs are summertime approved.
My cold heart can't resist pastel nail polish. Yep, my ice-queen self loves a manicure that's full of soft pink, baby blue, pale yellow, and lavender hues.So now that we're a full week into
Been there, done that, wore that sparkly Fearless-era T-shirt.
Calling all Swifties: Are you ready to be fed? Taylor Swift is back to dropping new music-yes, again! We get to enjoy a never-released treat from the rerecorded version of Fearless (Taylor's Version), titled "You All Over Me (From
Blisters, bye!!!
After a year of living in loungewear and pajamas, we're all eagerly anticipating getting "dressed up" again when the lockdown ends. Cute summer dresses, heels-you name it, we're excited to wear our fancy clothes and feel like
'I was embarrassed by the light they put me in.'
Britney Spears has broken her silence on the documentary Framing Britney Spears, speaking candidly in an Instagram posted on Tuesday night. Sharing a video of herself dancing, Britney began, "My life has always been very speculated...watched...and judged really my whole
In case you prefer to keep it low-key.
Over the past decade or so, the use of non-disposable, travel-friendly drinkware has become more and more widespread. Sure, tumblers, travel mugs, and water bottles have been around for ages-most of us have been using them since preschool at
No more sneaking down to the kitchen late at night!
Summer is here and the weather in Manila is blazing, to say the least. You may find yourself checking the fridge more often than usual to hunt for refreshing beverages and snacks throughout the day. In case the constant trips to the
Here’s the deal, in case you’re curious.
So the other day, Khloé Kardashian hopped on Instagram to promote Good American, and fans immediately noticed that she was wearing a massive diamond on her ring finger. Like, she's honestly been wearing this thing nonstop. Naturally, this has led to
PSA: Warm weather means hotter hairstyles! ;)
PSA: Warmer weather is here. And with warmer, breezier (and, fine, sweatier) temps comes a whole new crop of hair trends that you'll definitely want to have on your radar. And, lemme just tell you, the summer 2021 hairstyles, cuts,
Can you guess which one it is?
Regrets. We've all got 'em. For some of us, that might be texting the ex you swore you'd never speak to again. For others, it's that cringey tattoo you got on your girls' holiday at 19. And it
This is breaking news.
ICYMI, Billie Eillish blew our collective minds last night with her latest hair transformation reveal, showing a brand new bombshell platinum blonde look. There's far more pressing news to discuss today, so if you want to get into the nitty-
Say hello to effortless tuck-ins.
This shopping list is little more than an ode to the immaculate combination that is high-waisted bottoms and a well-fitted, tucked-in top. Whether a tank top, tube top, blouse, button-up, or what have you, few things are as
You'll never be forgotten, green mullet!
Pick yourselves up from your afternoon slump because we've got big news: Billie Eilish and her green hair are no longer.I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but after teasing on her Instagram stories earlier about
She opened up about how her career complicates her relationships.
Selena Gomez has been single as a pringle lately, which good for her because dating in a pandemic is hard AF! But the literal second that Selena was spotted on the arm of a man-who happened to be Aaron Dominguez, aka
I really let this man into my bubble for nothing!!!
I really was not going to date at all during this pandemic because, like, germs. But around 11 months into my semi-self-imposed solitary confinement, I matched on Hinge with a French lawyer who loved cats, and it was game over.