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She happily and candidly shares with her viewers!
K-pop idols are known for always looking picture perfect. Even when they're singing and performing high-intensity choreographies under the heat of numerous stage lights, they never seem to break a sweat. Girl group idols specifically never fail to look
Here's what we know so far.
Korean dramas are all we can talk about right now. First, it was Squid Game, then came My Name. But will there be a season 2? Here's everything we know so far, from release date to trailer and more.Sadly,
Did your faves make the list?
You know that something's a huge deal when it's trending on Twitter, and that also applies to K-dramas. With the rising global popularity of Hallyu content-most recently seen in the worldwide virality of Squid Game-K-
We're here to enable your 'Squid Game' addiction.
There are several distinct stages of Squid Game obsession. First, there's the complete inability to look away from your screen (or sleep...or maintain basic hygiene) until you make it through the finale.Next, there's the WHAT TF
Fighting, samgyupsal, oppa, and more!
Hallyu fans, more Korean words were officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary- highlighting K-entertainment's influence on global pop culture and language!Some familiar terms like K-drama and samgyupsal (which Filipinos enjoy in unlimited servings) were included. Furthermore,
This Netflix K-drama is quite literally bonkers.
The Korean model-turned-actress is definitely one to watch.
With her heart-stopping performance in Netflix's Squid Game, no one would've guessed that the series was 27-year-old Jung Ho Yeon's first major acting gig. She's definitely no stranger to the spotlight,
Please take all your positive affirmations and throw them out the window because the only inspirational quotes you need are from BTS. Turns out, the Bangtan Boys have been giving us truly phenomenal advice about love, life, and happiness this entire time (
Admit it: Even after a week, you're still not over the Netflix drama Vincenzo. You've probably been binge-watching the cast's behind-the-scene clips on YouTube or re-watching the series so you can fill
2021 is going to be a busy year for Korean content on Netflix.
Good news, K-entertainment fans: More content on Netflix is coming your way! The streaming platform is pretty committed to the whole thing. According to reports, the company has spent $700 million (around P33,600,000,000) since 2015 to bring Kingdom,
Sooooo lucky!
Everyone's talking about the Netflix K-drama Start-Up and we just can't get enough of it! One lucky fan, in particular, took her fangirling to the next level and visited the beloved show's most iconic filming