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There’s no reason to be afraid.
Tampons: Even though they've been around for decades, so many women still feel uneasy about using them. In fact, if you think back to when you first got your period, you were most likely introduced to napkins or sanitary pads, and
Like, you wear them at the same time. Connected. On a string. I am not joking.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear a tampon in your vagina that was connected to a tampon your friend was wearing in her vagina? No? Well, whatever, it exists anyway, The Cut reports. Friends Forever Tampons creator
"Does it turn you on?"
It's probably safe to say that men don't know much about having a vagina. Consequently, they have no clue what it's like to use tampons. Over the years, men have asked women many questions about tampons.
Tampons are saving our rivers one sewer at a time.
In the UK, tampons are being used to monitor rivers for signs of "grey water"-the bacteria-laden stuff that comes out of our shower drains and washing machines.Grey water is ending up in our rivers as a result of bad
Because sometimes, it can be so hard to find them.
I was around 10 years old when I first got my period and up until my first year of high school, all I ever used were sanitary napkins. Tampons were so unfamiliar to me. Real talk, the first time I ever even
It feels a lot cooler down there.
Are you afraid of using tampons? Don't worry Cosmo girls, you are not alone. If you think about it, sticking a tube of cotton up your vag doesn't sound very appealing. But trust us, it's really not bad at
Our Quickie Blogger asks a question that boggles most female minds: which is better, pads or tampons?
Here's a Cosmo Confessions-worthy booboo. I was enrolled in a university in the US for my sophomore year in college. I stayed in one of the dormitories on campus, which was an extremely convenient set-up for me. I&#