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She currently has three word tattoos!
Here at, we love how there's a fun story or a hidden meaning behind every tattoo. So when we got the chance to talk to YouTuber and SNAILWHITE ambassador Rei Germar, we just had to ask her about
You can easily hide (and show off) these tatts.
Aside from the actual design, the placement of your ink is one of the things you have to think about when getting a tattoo. The wrist, forearm, and ribcage are just some of the most popular options out there. But if you
These tattoos will bring out the *best* in you.
Word tattoos are simply beautiful. They can serve as *daily* reminders of inspiration or sentiment, especially when placed on visible areas like your wrist or your arm. Previously, we've given you a bunch of one-word tattoo ideas. This time,
Plus, tips on how you can keep them from fading.
If you're looking for a striking design for your next (or first) ink, why not get one that's ~*colorful*~? We suggest checking out watercolor tattoos, which have been gaining popularity over the years. On Instagram, clicking the hashtag #
These tattoos are simply beautiful!
Minimalist tattoos are extremely popular, and we can totally see why-they're just so delicate and timeless. Oftentimes, they require little to no shading, too, which means getting them will (hopefully) be less painful. While they may look simple, these
Screenshot your faves!
Tattoos are a form of self-expression. So if you're planning to get your first tattoo, you can turn to symbols-from flowers, butterflies, to stars-to tell a significant story about yourself or your life. Alternatively, you can choose
'New year, new tattoo. Why not?'
If you're looking for a *low-key* placement for your next (or first) ink, you might wanna try getting a tattoo behind your ear! It's a part of your body that isn't visible when someone is
Looking for a minimalist tatt you can place on your digits?
We now live in a society where tattoos are no longer taboo, and we could not be happier! Getting a tatt these days is just another form of self-expression-much like putting on a full face of makeup or getting your
You have to see her new ~dragon~ ink!
You guys, Nadine Lustre just added another cool ink to her growing tattoo collection-and it's her *biggest* one yet. The actress-singer now has a huge dragon ink on her right shoulder that extends to the back of her
~You're gonna be happy~ with these designs!
Fans have a ton of ways to show their love and appreciation for their favorite artist or group, whether it's collecting their merch, attending concerts, or even organizing special events for their comebacks. If you wanna go the extra mile,
People get tattoos for different reasons. While others get inked to tell a story or to express their ~*individuality*~, some would get tattoos to have constant reminders, placing them on their arms, wrists, and fingers. If you want to do the latter,
Maybe it’s finally time to get that ink you’ve been eyeing.
We see you. Don't be shy, we know you've got a Pinterest board dedicated to all the possible tattoo designs you've been dying to get. So why are you hesitating?With the vast number of options out there, it
Minimalist and colorful designs, right this way!
When it comes to the placement of your tattoos, you can either go for unique spots like the underboob or behind your ear, or you can go for a classic area like the ribs. It's a pretty big area, so
Delicate and dainty designs, right this way!'ve been thinking about getting another tattoo, but you don't want to get it in one of the usual spots like your fingers or ribs. If you've been thinking about a unique placement and design,
They're easier to hide!
When it comes to tattoo placements, the wrist is a ~prime~ spot for ink. Even if it's a small area, it doesn't have any obstructions-you don't have to worry about your tattoo looking weird if
Is it too much to get all of these?
Let's be honest here: Scorpio is kiiinda one of the most hated signs, so your big reputation absolutely precedes you. You get a lot of flack for being possessive and vengeful, but if we look underneath that tough exterior, you've
These will last wayyy longer than a bouquet.
Who doesn't love a nice floral moment?! Floral perfumes, cocktails, prints, home decor-you get the point. But if you haven't added flower tattoos to that list, consider it one more reason to love the little blossoms. They&#
These look good no matter what!
Aside from the design you're going to choose, one of the most important parts of getting a tattoo is *where* exactly are you going to place it. There are several factors you have to consider, one of those being your
Time to take a screenshot!
When it comes to choosing a design for your tattoo, you can never go wrong with astrology-themed ones. However, if you're tired of your zodiac sign (because TBH, same), allow us to convince you to choose your ~*birth flower*~
A more permanent way of remembering your BFF.
Dogs are one of the best pets you can have for a number of reasons: They reduce our stress levels, they help us live longer, and honestly, they're just so damn adorable, it's hard not to want them