So dainty!
There are tons of designs you can choose from for your very first tattoo, but we're very much into the ~delicate~ ones. There's not much shading involved and it won't hurt as much since the procedure
For the kids-at-heart!
When we think of our childhood, one of the things that come to mind are Disney films. Their movies have captured the hearts of many generations, and they have definitely made a huge impact on us when we were kids.From being
They're so gorgeous!
We have already written about why Korean-style ink is just *so* appealing, but recently, we found a new style that many Korean tattoo artists do. As we were scrolling through Insta, we noticed a lot of washi tape-style tattoos with
They look so chic!
While black tattoos will never go out of style, more and more tattoo artists are using different colors on their clients that make for very unique body art-one of which is red! This fiery hue definitely stands out and contrasts nicely
We love these dainty designs!
Still undecided on what to get inked for your first tattoo? Start small with a minimalist design! A more simple artwork means less time spent under the needle-think less pain and faster healing. Ahead, we list down some super cute options
They're simple but sweet!
If you're still in the dark on what the design of your first ink should be, consider the minimalist approach. Not only will they look good on any part of your body, but the needle-poking sesh will also go
So adorbs!
If you want another way to show your love for your pets, why not get a tattoo of them? You can totally customize it to your liking, whether it be a realistic-looking design or a cartoon doodle. You can also opt
Bring out your inner moon child.
For the majority of people, the design of their first tattoo matters a lot to them. Whether it be a personal memory or an homage to a special person in their lives, they make sure that it's something they'
Umm, is it overkill to get all of these?
I'm absolutely obsessed with tattoos-I have everything from a wrist tattoo to a rib tattoo, and I'm always looking at inspiration pics to plan what I'm going to get next. And you know the spot that's number
In case you're tired of the usual ink ideas.
So you've finally decided to give in and get your ~first-ever~ tattoo, yay! If you're mulling over what design to choose that isn't a heart or a dainty flower, feast your eyes on these fun,
Get ~permanent~ mementos of your love for each other.
When getting tattooed, we're often advised not to get anything related to your partner in case you break up and you're left with a painful (and permanent) reminder of your relationship. If you and your boo, however, are
Take a break from your romantic daydreams to scroll through these picks.
Ahh, Pisces, my ~favorite~ water sign. It's hard to describe you in just a few words, but I'm going to try: You're a dreamer, an artist, and an empathetic and sensitive soul who is often very misunderstood. But don'
Time to get another tattoo!
Getting a tattoo can be intimidating. In fact, thinking about the inking process is just one thing to worry about. Deciding on a design that's pretty much going to be permanently on your body is actually the more stressful part.
It's time to pay attention to an art that is rightfully ours.
Tattoos are symbolic and often represent a deeper meaning for someone. Maybe they chose the design because it reminds them of someone special, or they chose a quote that inspires them to keep going. Whatever the reasons are behind tattoos, they'
Wear it with pride!
A rainbow tattoo can mean a lot of things. It can be a symbol of pride for the LGBTQIA+ community, or it can simply be a representation of your colorful life. Whatever your reasons may be, these rainbow-colored tatts will surely
Less is more.
Getting your first tattoo can be scary: There is the fear of (extreme) pain and the pressure to find the perfect design. Plus, a tatt is permanent, and may need extra TLC when it's new.Here's an easy
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Matching tattoos are not just for besties and couples, they're for siblings, too! If you and your brothers or sisters want to get inked soon, check out these pretty tattoo designs for some major inspo:Would you get a tattoo
Is it overkill to get all of these?
Been dreaming about getting a tattoo but freaking out about getting something completely permanent on your body? I get it-it can be a little daunting. Which is why you might want to consider a location that's a little more ~
Is it overkill to get them all? Asking for a friend.
As much as I love back tattoos, they're kinda hard to admire without the help of a mirror or the skills of a contortionist. Thighs, butt, hip, or rib tattoos? All cute, but also all hidden 90 percent of the
Wear your heart on your sleeve...literally.
Hearts are one of the most requested tattoo shapes, especially for first-timers. Hearts are classic, and you can play around and create different variations of the shape. Here are some of the prettiest heart tattoo designs we can find:Follow Ira
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