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You can easily hide (and show off) these tatts.
Aside from the actual design, the placement of your ink is one of the things you have to think about when getting a tattoo. The wrist, forearm, and ribcage are just some of the most popular options out there. But if you
Plus, some things you need to consider before booking that appointment!
Aside from the design of your tattoo, placement is also crucial. While you can technically get inked anywhere on your body, the proper placement is crucial for its longevity. Some of them can get stretched and warped over time, while others experience
They're easy to hide, too!
Aside from the design, one of the important things to think about before getting a tattoo is the placement! The wrist, arm, and ankle are just some of the popular spots to get inked. But if you want something different and a
'It's always best to think things through until you're 100 percent certain.'
Aside from the actual design, one of the important things to decide on before booking a tattoo sesh is the *placement*. There are a lot of factors you have to think about: Do you want it hidden or not? What size are