"Oh [tattoo] you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind"
Fine line tattoos are perfect for those who want to get ink with a more subtle look (especially if you plan to hide it from certain peeps). This kind of tatt actually uses less pigment compared to classic black/watercolor designs, resulting
It’s so kulit!
A few weeks ago, we reported that Heart Evangelista got a minimalist tattoo of a tiny heart, an apt tat for her nickname. Today, her husband Chiz Escudero got a "tattoo" to match his wife's tiny heart tattoo. And, just like
These aren't your stereotypical butterflies.
Up until recently, I wasn't exactly sold on butterfly tattoos. Partially because of the way they often look (I've never wanted to get a huge, brightly colored blob of color on my body, tbh), but mostly because of
We can’t wait to get our own!
Black tattoos will never "go out of style," but this year, tattoo artists are predicting more people will want to get colored ink like ~*red*~! Unlike white tattoos which offer an invisible finish, red is just as bold as black ink, but
That unicorn is so eye-catching!
If watercolor tattoos are soft, delicate designs, neon tattoos are her bold and vibrant sister. Both use color to draw gorgeous designs, but the end results could not be more different. And while we're sure the watercolor tatt trend isn&#
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!
You may remember Heemee Tattoo as the Korean artist who did Anne Curtis' pretty heart ink on her wrist, but we've been longtime fans of her minimalist and realistic tatts for as long as we can remember.So when
You won't have to keep it a secret!
Instead of getting a ~*secret tattoo*~, why not get a white one on any part of your body? It looks amazing on all skin tones and it offers a soft, almost invisible finish. Below, some white tatts that will inspire you to
Tattoos beautifully age on this area.
Forget about placing tiny tattoos on your fingers and wrists. The new "It" place is on the inner part of your elbow or knee called the ditch. No, we're not making things up, it's a legit term of
It's so her!
Anne Curtis was recently in South Korea to promote her new film Buybust. But what we really wanted to know was whether or not she got a new tattoo! While there, she uploaded a photo on her IG stories. She captioned it, "
Wear your heart on your sleeve...literally.
Hearts are one of the most requested tattoo shapes, especially for first-timers. Hearts are classic, and you can play around and create different variations of the shape. Here are some of the prettiest heart tattoo designs we can find:Follow Ira
All of their styles are so unique.
There's a reason why they're called tattoo artists because these inked designs are actual ~*art*~. So, whether you're considering getting a tattoo for the first time, looking to get another, or just simply enjoy cool tats,
They look so magical!
Can't seem to think about what tattoo to get next? How about the starry and complex design of constellations? It can work on any part of your body and can either be simple + tiny or bold + colorful!Follow Tisha on
What your lola doesn't know won't hurt her. ;)
When it comes to getting your first tattoo, it makes sense that you might want something small and easy to hide from certain relatives you know would lecture you for hours about it.But which spots are the ~most~ inconspicuous? Which placements
Tired of florals? You have loads of options!
A watercolor tattoo job usually equates to having flowers inked on the skin. But if you're someone who finds floral illustrations too girly for your quirky personality, try these colorful ones instead.Follow Ira on Instagram.
Annoyingly, they're some of the more popular places to get inked.
Tattoos are pretty damn permanent, so you'll probably have thought long and hard before deciding where to get yours. But just to add another consideration into the mix, it turns out some parts of the body are much more likely
There's no better way to cement your friendship with your BFF than with matching meaningful tattoos. Can't decide what design you two should get? Read on for 15 ideas!Follow Tisha on Instagram.
These tiny tats will make your heart skip a beat.
Still contemplating which tattoo to get? Choose love. These heart tattoos are so lovable even your mom couldn't hate them if she tried.With Valentine's Day right around the corner, get yourself in the mood with these cute
In case you need ink inspo.
What were the celebrity tats that got us talking in 2017? Let us know whose tattoos are your faves in the comments! The Biebs shocked the internet with a full-torso tattoo filled with images of skulls and animals. The ink masterpiece
Wear your heart on your sleeve.
We sometimes read quotes to motivate us to reach our goals and to remind us that settling is never an option. So, if you're planning to finally get a tatt in the near future, why not get inked with words
Look for your ink inspo here!
Planning on getting inked soon? If you don't have a shape or word in mind yet, these tattoo ideas will ~complement~ your personality.An Aries is independent and always aspires to achieve the life they've always dreamed of.
It's time to get ~fancy~ body art!
Watercolor tattoos look more stunning than regular black tattoos, and they stand out regardless of the size. They're perfect for dainty ladies and artsy folks.Just like a painting, a watercolor tattoo calls for skillful and artistic hands. If you&#
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