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Time to take a screenshot!
If you want to place your first (or next) ink somewhere *low-key*, your wrist is your best bet. It's fairly hidden, but at the same time, it's still visible to you. Plus, it's a small
It features two designs in one!
We've only seen a glimpse of Anne Curtis' tattoos on Instagram, because the actress is too skilled at hiding them with her poses! In fact, it was only when she made her comeback on It's Showtime that
Spoiler alert: Getting a finger tattoo is painful but worth it!
Are you planning to get a *small* tattoo? One of the most popular placements for tiny inks is the finger. Tattoos in this part of the body certainly look cool, and they can be shown off or hidden if the need arises.
Screenshot away!
There are many ~*sexy*~ placements you can choose from for your next ink, from the bikini area, thigh, to the chest. Today, we're putting the spotlight on the latter! Chest tattoos are cool and sexy at the same time. You
It can be your little secret.
Planning to get inked? There are all sorts of tattoo placements you can choose from, may it be the hand, arm, or shoulder. But if you want your body art to be subtle, the ankle is an easy-to-hide spot that
These tattoos will last ~forever~ like your love for your boo.
Real talk: Relationships don't always work out, which is why some people aren't so keen on the idea of getting matching couple tattoos. But if your significant other has become a big part of your life and you
Her chic, easy-to-hide tattoos will definitely convince you to get inked.
Because of their profession, many celebrities keep their tattoo design choices small. You'll see this in the likes of Sofia Andres, Andrea Brillantes, and Anne Curtis, who all sport tiny inks in easily-concealed places. The same can be said
These tattoos will bring out the *best* in you.
Word tattoos are simply beautiful. They can serve as *daily* reminders of inspiration or sentiment, especially when placed on visible areas like your wrist or your arm. Previously, we've given you a bunch of one-word tattoo ideas. This time,
Suga is apparently the one who first suggested it!
It looks like the BTS members are considering getting ~matching~ tattoos.On April 6, BTS' V responded to WeVerse post of a fan asking the members not to get a tattoo. V replied, "The members and I have talked about getting
We want everything!
The back is one of the most popular spots to get inked on. After all, it's one of the widest parts of the body, so it has *a lot* of potential tattoo space. You can go for an eye-catching
They got a tattoo of each other's moon phase from when they were born!
Cherry Pie Picache recently got her first tattoo, and it's extra meaningful because she got it with her son, Nio Tria.According to her most recent vlog, Cherry said that Nio has been asking for her permission to get a
Plus, tips on how you can keep them from fading.
If you're looking for a striking design for your next (or first) ink, why not get one that's ~*colorful*~? We suggest checking out watercolor tattoos, which have been gaining popularity over the years. On Instagram, clicking the hashtag #
Plus, some things you need to consider before booking that appointment!
Aside from the design of your tattoo, placement is also crucial. While you can technically get inked anywhere on your body, the proper placement is crucial for its longevity. Some of them can get stretched and warped over time, while others experience
Your ink doesn't have to be matching!
When you were younger, you swore your friendship and loyalty to your best friends by making adorable necklaces or bracelets. Now that you're older, you may want to ~upgrade~ this by getting tattoos-a more permanent sign of your bond!
These tattoos are simply beautiful!
Minimalist tattoos are extremely popular, and we can totally see why-they're just so delicate and timeless. Oftentimes, they require little to no shading, too, which means getting them will (hopefully) be less painful. While they may look simple, these
Screenshot your faves!
One thing to love about neck tattoos (particularly those that are placed on the side or back of the neck) is that they can easily be *hidden* and shown off-all you need to do is put your hair up! NGL, though,
Say hello to Ivana Skin!
You guys, Ivana Alawi is coming out with her very own beauty brand called Ivana Skin! The YouTuber-actress recently gave a sneak peek of her new business venture on her IG account. She posted a *sexy* photo of her in bed
You have to see her new ~dragon~ ink!
You guys, Nadine Lustre just added another cool ink to her growing tattoo collection-and it's her *biggest* one yet. The actress-singer now has a huge dragon ink on her right shoulder that extends to the back of her
Truly a must-see!
If you put your eyes on just one thing today, let it be Demi Lovato's *very* realistic new spider tattoo.Demi debuted the new ink (which came courtesy of incredibly talented/celeb-adored tattoo artist Dr. Woo) Saturday in a
Trust the process.
If you're reading this, you probably just got your first tattoo-congratulations! After a few days, you might have noticed that the skin around it starts to peel. It might be alarming to see some of the pigment starts to