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Trust the process.
If you're reading this, you probably just got your first tattoo-congratulations! After a few days, you might have noticed that the skin around it starts to peel. It might be alarming to see some of the pigment starts to
~You're gonna be happy~ with these designs!
Fans have a ton of ways to show their love and appreciation for their favorite artist or group, whether it's collecting their merch, attending concerts, or even organizing special events for their comebacks. If you wanna go the extra mile,
'It's always best to think things through until you're 100 percent certain.'
Aside from the actual design, one of the important things to decide on before booking a tattoo sesh is the *placement*. There are a lot of factors you have to think about: Do you want it hidden or not? What size are
The minimalism trend won't be dying down anytime soon!
With 2022 just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to the "new year, new me" energy that comes with welcoming the new year. Looking for a more ~permanent~ approach to this? We recommend getting a tattoo!If you'
They look super delicate and dainty!
Hello there! If it's your first time getting a tattoo and you're not sure what style you want to get, we recommend going the ~minimalist~ approach. Fine line tattoos, in particular, are perfect for people who want something
It's inspired by Bea's cherry blossom armband!
The Philippines' bet Beatrice Luigi Gomez may not have taken home the Miss Universe 2021 crown, but she has definitely won the hearts of many Filipinos-not to mention her fellow pageant queens! The Miss Universe PH 2021 candidates have been
Check out Bea's meaningful ink!
ICYMI, The Philippines' very own Beatrice Luigi Gomez looked stunning at the Miss Universe 2021 preliminary competition! The 26-year-old wowed everyone with her unique national costume created by designers Axel Que and Manny Halasan, which was inspired by the
We want these dainty designs!
Tattoos are a lifetime commitment, so there are a lot of things you have to consider when getting inked. Aside from choosing the design and finding a reputable tattoo artist, you must also think about the placement of your new tatt. If
People get tattoos for different reasons. While others get inked to tell a story or to express their ~*individuality*~, some would get tattoos to have constant reminders, placing them on their arms, wrists, and fingers. If you want to do the latter,
Maybe it’s finally time to get that ink you’ve been eyeing.
We see you. Don't be shy, we know you've got a Pinterest board dedicated to all the possible tattoo designs you've been dying to get. So why are you hesitating?With the vast number of options out there, it
Minimalist and colorful designs, right this way!
When it comes to the placement of your tattoos, you can either go for unique spots like the underboob or behind your ear, or you can go for a classic area like the ribs. It's a pretty big area, so
'Maybe this was my way of reclaiming it as mine.'
Growing up, I thought I wasn't cool enough to get a tattoo. When I was younger, I had silly Catholic schoolgirl notions that they were for the tough set-people who knew how to blow smoke rings in the air, maybe? (
They're easier to hide!
When it comes to tattoo placements, the wrist is a ~prime~ spot for ink. Even if it's a small area, it doesn't have any obstructions-you don't have to worry about your tattoo looking weird if
Get to know the meaning behind their ink.
It's no secret that Korean actors aren't the biggest patrons of tattoos. Other than the inconvenience of covering them up while filming, many celebrities just avoid it because of the persisting stigma around the art. (FYI, tattooing by
'I will only do that for my wife because I know I’ll be with her forever.'
It's been over a month since Angel Locsin and Neil Arce tied the knot, and for the first time ever, Neil got himself a tattoo for a special someone! Promoting the new vlog on Instagram, Neil wrote, "They said never
They might just help you pick a new design for yourself!
If you're familiar with K-pop culture, then you've probably noticed that tattoos are heavily censored in media. When an idol has tattoos, it's either they cover it up with long sleeves or are straight-up blurred out on
Her 'Love' tattoo is in Chiz Escudero's handwriting!
Tattoos are usually inked on bodies as a symbol of love for a significant other, and Heart Evangelista did it in the sweetest, most touching way.With the help of tattoo artist Annie Concepcion, she got the word "Love" in red ink
These will last wayyy longer than a bouquet.
Who doesn't love a nice floral moment?! Floral perfumes, cocktails, prints, home decor-you get the point. But if you haven't added flower tattoos to that list, consider it one more reason to love the little blossoms. They&#
These look good no matter what!
Aside from the design you're going to choose, one of the most important parts of getting a tattoo is *where* exactly are you going to place it. There are several factors you have to consider, one of those being your
Time to take a screenshot!
When it comes to choosing a design for your tattoo, you can never go wrong with astrology-themed ones. However, if you're tired of your zodiac sign (because TBH, same), allow us to convince you to choose your ~*birth flower*~