Is it too much to get all of these?
As a Scorpio, your reputation definitely precedes you. And, TBH, who can blame people for thinking you're an impulsive and jealous sex-fanatic who isn't afraid of calling people out? It's not not true. But I
We're screenshotting our faves!
If you're still deciding on what the design of your first ink will be, the ~minimalist~ approach is always the safest. Not only will it look good anywhere on your body, but it will also hopefully hurt less since they&#
Saving this as inspo ASAP.
When it comes to tattoos, we usually prefer tiny, delicate ones to make the inking sesh go by a little bit faster since they're so small. After seeing Nadine Lustre's latest tatt, however, we think we've ~
So dainty!
There are tons of designs you can choose from for your very first tattoo, but we're very much into the ~delicate~ ones. There's not much shading involved and it won't hurt as much since the procedure
'When I found BTS, I was in a very dark place in my life.'
May 31, 2019 will always be special for Sammie because it was the exact date she became a fan of K-pop supergroup, BTS. As an ARMY, or an official fan of BTS, Sammie went beyond collecting merch-her love for the
There's actually a *logical* explanation behind this.
In case the days have started blending seamlessly together for you since the quarantine began, here is your reminder that we are almost approaching the 200-day mark of lockdown. After many quarantreats, newfound hobbies, and spontaneous hair decisions, it seems like
Listen, what your lola doesn't know won't hurt her.
Now that you know the design you want tatted on your body for the rest of your life, you're ready to go get your new ink, right?! Ehh, not quite. You've got lots of things to consider before officially going
For the kids-at-heart!
When we think of our childhood, one of the things that come to mind are Disney films. Their movies have captured the hearts of many generations, and they have definitely made a huge impact on us when we were kids.From being
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Getting a tattoo is in the bucket list of many people, but the one factor that's holding them back from booking that appointment is the *pain* level. Of course, pain is subjective and everyone's tolerance varies. Another important
Photographers, this one’s for you.
Remember how good it felt to hold a camera for the first time? And how it took you hours to put it down because you couldn't stop taking pictures of everything? Both amateur and seasoned photographers know how much photos mean
These will give you the coffeels.
For coffee drinkers, mornings just aren't the same without a cup of fresh brew. After lunch, when you need another jolt of energy, merienda is best paired with an iced coffee. And while we all know that too much of anything-
We can't wait till our next flight, huhu.
My "office" at home is our dining room, which has a giant window with the *best* view of the sky. When I need to take a break from my laptop, I usually walk over to the window and think about my last
We're messaging our friend group ASAP.
In case you and your barkada have been wanting to get friendship tattoos for a while now, maybe Nadine Lustre's new ink will be the push you guys are waiting for. She recently got matching tatts with her friends, and
There’s a possibility you’ll always be hungry, though.
Are you the kind of person who thinks about what you'll be having for lunch while you're eating breakfast? On your last trip to a new place, did you also make a separate list of all the food you want
You are not afraid to speak your mind.
Tattoos are meant to make a statement, and these body ink we've collected perfectly do so! From bold quotes to naughty designs, these tattoos are made for badass girls like you! You don't really care what other people
'The safety protocols may take a while, but the strict compliance made me feel safe.'
Maybe it's just me, but do you guys also have an imaginary to-do list of things you want to accomplish after this period? I could spend hours talking about all the places I want to visit, people I'
We love these dainty designs!
Still undecided on what to get inked for your first tattoo? Start small with a minimalist design! A more simple artwork means less time spent under the needle-think less pain and faster healing. Ahead, we list down some super cute options
Halamoms, this one's for you.
Ok, so you just bought your first (or 27th) plant, a succulent or one that doesn't need a much sunlight. You're even thinking about splurging on cute plant pots or displaying them using a chic stands. As you&#
Because jewelry is overrated.
Sure, couple rings are great, but we're here to convince you that ring tattoos can be another option to show you and your significant other's commitment to the relationship. Ring tattoos are pretty, and you can't
Yes to all of these.
Whether you live on the coast, or you're super into tropical vacations, or just love to daydream about drinking mai tais under a palm tree, beach tattoos are the way to go. With an island-inspired tattoo, you get all
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