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In case you miss the times when we don't have to read subs!
Which series tops your list?
We're halfway through 2021 and OMG, we have watched so many high-quality K-dramas already! From crime thrillers to rom-coms, we have spent sleepless nights binge-watching these shows and nope, we have no regrets. In fact, we&#
Suspense, dark comedy, revenge—we got 'em right here!
It's been exactly one month and four days since we watched the final episode of Vincenzo and boy, do we miss them so much! What do you do when you're experiencing the sepanx? To *fix* our lonely hearts,
This movie is too cute for words!
If there's one actor that's on top of our minds when it comes to versatility, that would be Lee Je Hoon. Since his debut in 2007, the 36-year-old actor has more than 30 K-dramas and
He's a huge fan of G-Dragon!
Once upon a time when I was having a Vincenzo withdrawal, my editor recommended a K-drama titled Taxi Driver -she said that I'll definitely like it since the lead character, played by Lee Je Hoon, is also an anti-
These exciting series are perfect for binge-watching!
Hi, fellow K-drama fans! We're back with a new batch of crime and suspense dramas that will have you biting your nails as you try to guess whodunnit. Everyone loves a good rom-com, but if you're looking for
Catch his upcoming drama, 'Move to Heaven', on Netflix this May!
Our crush on Korean actor Lee Je Hoon just got a refresh after we started watching the new crime drama, Taxi Driver, where he plays badass vigilante Kim Do Ki. If this is your first time seeing him, we're here to
If you're into action-packed series, here's a new one to get hooked on!
There are so many ways to plot revenge on your enemies. You could blackmail them with their deepest, darkest secrets like in The Penthouse. You could become a police officer and hunt them down lawfully like in Mouse. You could also threaten
We're totally shocked by these discoveries!
Hello there, K-drama fan! We know you've already spent 123456789 hours watching your favorite actors and actresses on screen and we're pretty sure that at one point, you've said to yourself: "Nangyayari kaya ito sa