It's one of her most emotional and vulnerable songs.
Here's something to get you through hump day: Taylor Swift just dropped her new song called "The Archer!" It's the fifth track of her new album, Lover, which will come out on August 23. Produced by frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff, "
You can't be a victim and a villain.
On Sunday, Taylor Swift attempted to confront and obliterate her former selves with her "Look What You Made Me Do" video. She made fun of her surprise-face award show persona, bathed in a tub of jewels to evoke her "Blank Space"
'We might still be in love if you were a better man.'
Let's face it: the whole world has basically been waiting for a Swifty revenge song since she announced her split from Calvin Harris earlier this year. WELL GUESS WHAT GUYS?! Looks like you might have gotten your wish!Taylor Swift has
'This is like my two moms are fighting. I don't like it.'
It's not an easy day for Taylor Swift fans. Kim Kardashian has exposed their queen as a liar, and they are once again forced to defend her against critics who claim she's phony and calculated. spoke to three
"Cause baby I'm a nightmare with the body of a daydream."
Tired of listening to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" already? Just kidding, of course you're not. But a little song cover never hurt anybody. Case in point? Angelo Garcia a.k.a Mr. Buff Guy With Tattoos did his version of
Oh, Taylor Swift. You always know how to give us #feels.
We're not even gonna lie-1989 has been on repeat on our iPods since it came out last week. We can't help it, we're simply OBSESSED with Taylor Swift. Not only are her new songs super catchy and LSS-
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