And no, you don't have to lift your damn pinky finger.
Every time I drink tea (which isn't often), I feel so ~fancy~ that before I know it, my pinky finger is up, and I'm speaking in a British accent (just kidding). But apparently, that's not a
This herbal drink can do A LOT.
In honor of National Hot Tea Month (Yes, it's a thing!), we listed down all the benefits tea can give to your skin. And whether you prefer green, black, white, chamomile, or earl grey, etc, we bet by the end
Tea lovers aren't having it.
Although the secret to making the perfect cup of tea has long been debated, the healthiest and best-tasting kind is made in the microwave, at least according to 2012 research that recently resurfaced after a character in a popular U.K.
It's a little weird, but we're into it.
Go ahead and add Yunessun Spa Resort to your bucket list! This spa-themed park in Hakone, Japan offers a unique and quirky experience. Not only does it have water rides and video games, it also lets you soak in coffee, tea,
Also perfect for days when you're PMS-ing.
People always say, "When you know, you know." Well, we were damn sure about Antiteasis: Books and Brews! Walking into Antiteasis feels like a giant hug. It's almost like an extension of a really cozy home, with its floor pillows, interactive
It could also lower your chances of suffering from a stroke.
Good news for tea drinkers! Drinking just one cup of tea per day may lower your risk of strokes and heart disease, a new study claims.Researchers at The John Hopkins Hospital in the US found that people who drank a cup
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