Here is TWG's 2018 Mooncake Collection.
It's that time of the year again: The Mid-Autumn Festival is on September 24, 2018, and one of the festival's main attractions is mooncakes! The moon is at its brightest and a lot of Chinese legends are
And no, you don't have to lift your damn pinky finger.
Every time I drink tea (which isn't often), I feel so ~fancy~ that before I know it, my pinky finger is up, and I'm speaking in a British accent (just kidding). But apparently, that's not a
This herbal drink can do A LOT.
In honor of National Hot Tea Month (Yes, it's a thing!), we listed down all the benefits tea can give to your skin. And whether you prefer green, black, white, chamomile, or earl grey, etc, we bet by the end
Tea lovers aren't having it.
Although the secret to making the perfect cup of tea has long been debated, the healthiest and best-tasting kind is made in the microwave, at least according to 2012 research that recently resurfaced after a character in a popular U.K.
It's a little weird, but we're into it.
Go ahead and add Yunessun Spa Resort to your bucket list! This spa-themed park in Hakone, Japan offers a unique and quirky experience. Not only does it have water rides and video games, it also lets you soak in coffee, tea,
Also perfect for days when you're PMS-ing.
People always say, "When you know, you know." Well, we were damn sure about Antiteasis: Books and Brews! Walking into Antiteasis feels like a giant hug. It's almost like an extension of a really cozy home, with its floor pillows, interactive
It could also lower your chances of suffering from a stroke.
Good news for tea drinkers! Drinking just one cup of tea per day may lower your risk of strokes and heart disease, a new study claims.Researchers at The John Hopkins Hospital in the US found that people who drank a cup
A cup of green tea a day may actually keep the doctor away.
Consumed for thousands of years in China, green tea is said to aid with stress reduction and weight management. All types of tea-green, black and oolong-are produced from the Camellia sinensis plant using different methods. Fresh leaves from the plant
With proven health benefits AND a clean caffeine hit, we're downing it.
You've probably seen green lattes invading your Instagram feed, and for sure you've wondered what actually IS matcha. And is it supposed to be so superior to a good ol' cup of joe? Let us sort the buzz from the
Step away from the espresso.
For many of us, life completely sans caffeine will probably never be a thing. But keeping a lid on your intake could do all kinds of good stuff for your body. Here's everything your doctor wish you knew about the busy
Add a dash of festivity into your cup of tea with TWG Tea's Happy Holiday Collection.
TWG Tea, brought in by the Rustan Group of Companies, recently opened their Tea Salon & Boutique in Greenbelt 5, Makati. The lavish interiors, elegant teapots and tin cans, as well as the aroma of the different brews make it hard for anyone
Head to this spot at the Fort and enjoy their tea-infused offerings the next time you're spending QT with your girlfriends.
You've been in that bind: you and your gal pals want to eat out and hang out, but your barkada's usual nosh spots just don't do it for you anymore. And after ordering the same old dishes every time
There's a new one-touch system that allows you to create cafe-style beverages. It will look great on your kitchen counter--or wrapped up as a Christmas gift!
Most of us can hardly function in the morning without a proper cup of coffee. But regular trips to our favorite brewery can put a serious dent on our wallet, and instant powder mixes don't always hit the spot. Lucky for
Tea lover or coffee addict, you'll find something to enjoy while you catch up and chill with the whole <i>barkada</i> in Greenhills, Ortigas, or QC.
Conversations are often exchanged best over coffee-or just anything yummy to sip. Even better if you have something delectable to munch on. If you're not really into coffee, or would simply love to enjoy healthy and delicious interesting treats while
In these times, we really can’t afford to splurge on dates. Cosmo dishes some budget-friendly yet date-worthy spots.
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