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'Kahit ano yung situation mo professionally, may magagamit ka na lesson.'
The first time we featured Lyqa Maravilla on Cosmo was when we discovered her educational TikTok videos that discuss the most common topics in English and Math. Also known as Coach Lyqa, she's a Pinay content creator, motivational speaker, and
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For many years now, the Japanese Government has welcomed Filipinos and other nationals from all over the world to study in Japan through six different scholarship programs: Teacher Training, Japanese Studies, Undergraduate Student, Research Student, Specialized Training, and College of Technology. These
Ciab Canoy teaches preschoolers through online classes.
Pre-pandemic, teachers are undoubtedly some of the most underappreciated workers in our community, but now, with the rise of COVID-19, 2020 has brought about a new set of challenges. Some educators have had to take their classes online, to help
BRB, we're taking notes!
TikTok is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's easy recipes, styling hacks, or makeup tutorials, I learn something new every day. TBH, even crash courses on subjects you'd never expect to be on TikTok are
Some of her students are from Switzerland, Malaysia, and the United States!
A lot of activities have been put on hold since the start of the quarantine, and several of those fall under the events and entertainment industries. Concerts and shows are getting postponed, if not canceled, and some careers are also being affected.
The teacher was pressured to resign and to give up her license.
Netizens are buzzing about the issue surrounding a teacher who was accused of humiliating a student, ever since the case was aired on the show of broadcaster Raffy Tulfo. A grandmother filed a complaint against the teacher who sent her grandson outside
'It gives you a lot more information that you want to remember.'
Before becoming an actress, Isabelle Daza was a preschool teacher.She graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Early Childhood Education.Now that she's a mom to her six-month-old son Balthazar "Baltie" Daza-Semblat, did
Say 'Sawasdee ka' to a change of scenery!
Thanks to a high demand for English-speaking teachers in Thailand, Filipinos have long been moving to our neighboring Southeast Asian nation to work as teachers-and along with it, enjoy high pay, low cost of living, and a fascinating cultural landscape.
She got in the prestigious Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme for 2018.
Anjenette "Chit" V. Lacson, 24, was born and raised in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat and studied and practiced as a teacher in Davao City, but thanks to the prestigious Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, she now teaches English in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan.
'When you live abroad, you learn the best and the worst of who you are.'
Unsurprisingly, it’s MUCH more than what teachers earn here.
In terms of salary, teachers are truly underappreciated professionals in the Philippines. The job is physically and mentally draining. Considering teachers have a bunch of students under their care-a huge responsibility-we believe they should be earning much more. The starting
However, the teacher insists they were in a legitimate relationship.
A 28-year-old physical education teacher at an exclusive school in Parañaque City has been accused of rape by one of his pupils.The 15-year-old victim said the first incident happened back in school year 2014-2015 when
This three-time Cosmo cover girl and one of the country’s most talented and sexiest stars opens up to Cosmo about her passions and the secret to her hot bod.
This dedicated teacher inspires us to fight for what we believe is right and which would help many, despite obstacles and detractors.
This 2010 Fun Fearless Female Awardee sacrificed a well-paying teaching job to educate out-of-school youth. She tells Cosmo why she did it.
Being a teacher is hard. It's hard enough in private schools that pay well. It's hard in public schools that don't pay that well. But it's even harder to pack up your things, move back to your province,