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Time to do nothing, CGs!
You don't always have to go out to make the most out of your weekend. For days when you just want to laze around with your BFF, surrounded by your favorite pizza boxes, try watching these shows:For something new: 1.
You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.
Time to binge-watch with the bae ASAP!
Not only is binge-watching your favorite TV show good for your emotional well-being-#TeamBahay forever-it is now actually proven to work wonders for your relationship!According to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, now our own personal hero,
Maybe that's why you're such a homebody.
While the average person is happier with a large friend circle, new research reveals those with higher IQs are better off with a small one.Evolutionary psychologists Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li of Singapore Management University