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Science never fails to amaze us.
As a society that loves highlighters and all things illuminated, there is no doubt that everyone will go gaga for light-up tattoos once they become readily available to us. Different from glow-in-the-dark tattoos, this new and innovative form
Stand out from the crowd this semester with these stylish and colorful items that all you techies will love!
Sick of boring black gadgets cramping your college style? Well, say goodbye to your frumpy old possessions and make way for fun new items that will get you psyched for the upcoming school year!Our must-have tech stuff are now available
Reignite your passion for learning at this new museum that opens tomorrow. Explore its many interactive galleries with friends--you'll find that science is fun, not intimidating!
Did you find science intimidating--and one of the causes for a drop in your grade point average? Or, were you actually a science geek back in school? Whichever extreme you fall under, you'll find something to love about this cool
See which of your favorite celebs are going gaga over a new tablet now available in the country! Career Cosmo chicks would love the gizmo, too!
We spend so much time online (especially when visiting, and following Cosmo and our fave celebs on Twitter and Facebook!) that we're always on the lookout for gadgets that will give us easy access to the digital part of
It's all about BEAUTY in Cosmo this month, so we wanted to keep you updated on the latest lust-worthy gadgets for busy college chicks and working girls!
Gone are the days when gadgets only came in basic black and silver shades preferred by guys. With nearly everyone becoming techie nowadays, it's only fair that us girls should have our pick of products suited to our needs and personalities.
Get a mini life makeover and improve big and small details of your life with the help of these companions and must-trys.