It's called relationship tagging, and it's basically the new DTR.
When I first heard about "Relationship Tagging"-a dating term writer Taylor Lorenz coined in her recent article for The Atlantic-it got me thinking...wait, people actually do this on social media? IG this is the modern day DTR.It'
Bless their hearts for trying.
Late last night, December 27, 2018 while everyone was trying to mind their own business, Instagram decided to randomly release an update and make their feed scroll horizontally instead of vertically.And obviously no one was here for it, because if there&#
‘Our Filipino IT professionals back home are grossly underpaid.’
Jobs in the information technology sector often make it to lists of the most in-demand and most well-paying jobs in the Philippines. While we can't always wrap our heads around what our friends in IT do for a living-
What a milestone!
The Miss Universe finale is happening today, and if that isn't exciting enough, our girl, Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray, just hit a milestone on Instagram: 1 million followers!Of course, Catriona has nothing but love for all her supporters.
You can send it to one person or in a group message.
Not sure this is something I wanted or needed from Instagram-at least not as badly as I want chronological posting back-but the social media platform announced on December 11 that you can now send voice recordings via Direct Messaging. If
You'll have 10 minutes to delete your last message!
The last time I accidentally sent a Facebook message to the wrong person, I stared at my phone in shock for what felt like hours. It was a mistake so traumatizing, I still cringe everytime I remember it. I know for a
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