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The dark days are finally over!
Remember when Instagram decided it was a good idea to priortize certain posts over simply showing the most recent ones? And remember how pissed you were about that? Because why would you want to see your friends' latest posts when you
We know you've always been curious.
By now, you probably already know that your favorite influencers' perfect shots on Instagram require a lot of work. Apart from mastering effortless-looking poses, influencers invest on the gadgets they use to make their looks ~*worthy*~ of the 'gram.
'Five minutes left for Instagram today!'
Next time you find yourself deep in an Instagram hole, learning about the 2014 holiday of your ex-boyfriend's coworker's dog, a new feature can stop you in your tracks.Named "App Limits," the forthcoming iPhone with iOS
And they'll never know.
No relationship is perfect. Even the people we love can trigger something in us-especially if they post the same shit over and over again. Like, no, I'm not in the mood to see another photo of boiled eggs because
Here's how to find out.
Facebook has recently revealed that a whopping 87 million (and not just 50 million as per earlier reports) of their users' data were indeed stolen by political research firm Cambridge Analytica. And apparently, 1.4 percent of those FB users-the
But it's not for the reason you think.
So there's good news and bad news for owners of old iPhones. The bad news is that Apple has admitted that it intentionally slows down older models of the iPhone. But the good news is that it's not