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Here's exactly how much it costs to get a brighter smile.
Have you been noticing that your teeth aren't as "pearly white" as they once were? Don't worry-it's completely normal for them to appear less white as you grow older, and you'll start noticing
Heart Evangelista made me buy it!
I first saw the Perfect Smile Teeth Whitening Gargle Stick on Heart Evangelista's IG stories. Like her, I also suffered from yellow teeth because I love drinking coffee. (You can't take my iced latte away from me, okay?)
Flash your pearly whites with pride.
Professional teeth whitening treatments are indeed effective, but these can be expensive and inconvenient. You have to shell out thousands of pesos, schedule an appointment, and brave through traffic with every visit. But if you'd rather save money and stay
These at-home remedies will brighten your teeth in no time.
Teeth whitening need not be expensive, especially now that there are so many products in the market that will turn your gnashers into pearly whites. If you want to keep it easy and at-home, then this list of whitening products (some
It's perfect for people who don't have time to make a whitening appointment.
You've probably never paid attention to the brightness of your teeth before. But, if you're like us, then you may have become conscious of it every so often when the topic of teeth whitening pops up. If you&#
Flash your brilliant smile!
There's nothing wrong with having yellow teeth-not all are born with white teeth. But if the discoloration is bothering you, here are the at-home and professional methods you can try:"An ounce of prevention is better than a
It kinda, sorta worked.
Activated charcoal is known to absorb toxins and trap chemicals. It has the ability to detoxify and is medically used to treat poisoning. But thanks to numerous testimonials and dramatic before-and-after photos, activated charcoal is trending online as an effective
Calling all coffee drinkers!
I can't proudly call my teeth "pearly whites" because of the enamel-staining food like chocolates, tomato-based pasta sauces, iced lattes, and green juices (because #balance!) that I have consumed for the past X years. I did try insta-white