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According to dentists.
Amid the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), most dental clinics are temporarily closed to reduce the spread of the disease. "Dentists work with equipment and tools (like handpieces) that produce high pressured compressed air," explains dentist Dr. Joyce I. Angeles in an email
Step away from the baking soda.
Let us start off this article with this: There's nothing wrong with having yellowing teeth. Discoloration on your chompers may be caused by your food intake or just plain ol' genetics-it's normal! If you want to
Literally so much easier than braces.
Like most people out there, I had braces for the better part of my teen years. I hated them, but they got the job done-they straightened everything up and closed the gap that I had in the center of my two
Here's exactly how much it costs to get a brighter smile.
Have you been noticing that your teeth aren't as "pearly white" as they once were? Don't worry-it's completely normal for them to appear less white as you grow older, and you'll start noticing
Flash your pearly whites with pride.
Professional teeth whitening treatments are indeed effective, but these can be expensive and inconvenient. You have to shell out thousands of pesos, schedule an appointment, and brave through traffic with every visit. But if you'd rather save money and stay
It's super common.
One of the best parts of growing up is getting over the childhood fear that a monster is hiding under your bed. Sure, I still wake up in a sweat from time to time after dreaming about locking myself out of my
These at-home remedies will brighten your teeth in no time.
Teeth whitening need not be expensive, especially now that there are so many products in the market that will turn your gnashers into pearly whites. If you want to keep it easy and at-home, then this list of whitening products (some
It's perfect for people who don't have time to make a whitening appointment.
You've probably never paid attention to the brightness of your teeth before. But, if you're like us, then you may have become conscious of it every so often when the topic of teeth whitening pops up. If you&#
Flash your brilliant smile!
There's nothing wrong with having yellow teeth-not all are born with white teeth. But if the discoloration is bothering you, here are the at-home and professional methods you can try:"An ounce of prevention is better than a
A dentist gives us the lowdown on celebrity-worthy smiles.
ICYDK, the perfect smiles of celebs are (usually) thanks to veneers, not just braces and teeth-whitening strips. What are veneers? They are custom-made shells that are bonded to each tooth to change their shape, color, and size. It's
It kinda, sorta worked.
Activated charcoal is known to absorb toxins and trap chemicals. It has the ability to detoxify and is medically used to treat poisoning. But thanks to numerous testimonials and dramatic before-and-after photos, activated charcoal is trending online as an effective
But why...?!
We, the beauty world, collectively took a hot sec to switch our focus from wild nail art to crazy brow trends. But I'm here to tell you that nail art is back with a vengeance-this time in the form
Warning: They're pretty graphic.
If you're one of the few who find blackhead extractions, ingrown toenail procedures, and earwax removals satisfying to look at, get ready to binge-watch teeth cleaning clips!Based on the number of views of the videos (some of which have
Calling all coffee drinkers!
I can't proudly call my teeth "pearly whites" because of the enamel-staining food like chocolates, tomato-based pasta sauces, iced lattes, and green juices (because #balance!) that I have consumed for the past X years. I did try insta-white
If you *had* to skip one, which would it be?
It happens. You come home super wasted after a crazy night out, and the only thing you want more is to pass out on your bed. Hygiene? Ehhh, that can wait until tomorrow. Or can it? What exactly happens when you hit
No, it's not normal.
You know how sometimes, when you floss and aggressively brush your teeth, your gums actually bleed a little? This whole time, we thought that's just what happens when you take your dental hygiene seriously, but it turns out, that's not
All the items can be found in your kitchen cupboard!
Professional teeth whitening can be super expensive and can make your teeth crazy sensitive! So what is solution to get those perfectly white pearls without breaking the bank?StrawberryStrawberries contain Vitamin C which helps get rid of the plaque buildup. Mash a
Want a killer smile? Of course you do. So follow this pro advice.
If you've gone to the dentist and walked out of there cavity-free, then you know what success tastes like. If you're on the other end of the spectrum and find yourself having issues with your pearly (possibly not-so-)
There are fruits you can eat to score pearly whites.
Bring out the baking soda.Baking soda may be considered a kitchen staple, but it can actually be a great ingredient for a number of beauty hacks. In fact, it's a handy product that can help you score whiter teeth. Just
Say goodbye to expensive teeth whitening procedures and too-long-to-take-effect whitening toothpaste! NOW you can whiten your teeth after ONE brushing!
We like our beauty fixes to be quick--whitening soaps and lotions that make us fairer in two weeks, whitening serums and creams that lighten dark spots with continued use over time, laser treatment and whitening kits that make our teeth whiter