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She recently made headlines for her stunning win against Serena Williams.
All of tennis was abuzz this weekend when newcomer Naomi Osaka won against Serena Williams at the U.S. Open Women's final. Much has been said about the controversial match, but only a few have been centered on Naomi'
Nothing says romance like watching a tennis match!
The U.S. Open is currently going down! Which means it's a) the time of year to watch tennis, and b) the time of year to watch celebrities watch tennis, because they're flocking over to New York City
Due to a banned drug called Meldonium.
US sports apparel brand Nike has severed its ties with yet another of their elite athletes, this time Russian tennis superstar Maria Sharapova.Sharapova, who is distinguished for being a five-time Grand Slam champion, was dropped by Nike after she failed
A tennis nerd challenges 5 tennis stars to a 5-set speed game of get-to-know.
I'm a tennis fanatic and nerd who has never played the sport, but I braved horrific Saturday traffic (a would've-been two-and-half-hour trek which extended to three due to a worst-timed car collision) for an exclusive columnist Bianca Valerio examines the importance of communication in the game of love.
Relationships are as complex as the galaxy we look to for so-called "signs" of whether or not he's "The One." However, in wishing upon stars for a sign that will guide our decisions, we often fail to see the one