He's literally never 'just getting out of the shower.'
1. He doesn't always have your name (or your real name) in his phone. Do you ever get the feeling you're getting the written response equivalent of "Oh, hey ... you..."? It's because he didn't put your name in
The horrified recipient immediately notified the police.
Jeffery Lytle, 42, a resident of Monroe City in Snohomish County, Washington, is now facing charges after authorities were informed of his plot to have his Filipino wife Rhoda Mee Funtanilla killed by a hitman. The couple, who have been married for
Perrie Edwards slapped a French radio host after he revealed he had once dumped a partner via text message.The Little Mix singer was famously dumped via text by her former One Direction fiancé Zayn Malik, who called time on their four-
'He's done this many times before.'
Johnny Depp's allegedly abusive behavior is said to have begun even before he married Amber Heard.The 52-year-old actor has been at the center of claims that he was violent to wife Amber during their 15 month marriage, with
He DOES have respect for his ex, yknow?
Zayn Malik denied rumors that he broke up with his ex-fiancé Perrie Edwards via text message, insisting he has "much more respect" for the Little Mix star than reports suggest.Just months after the One Direction singer shocked fans by announcing
Mostly he just watches iFlix for a few hours.
1. She better be dead. This is a horrible thing to wish upon someone, but admit it, you've thought it when someone didn't text you back. There are only a handful of reasons that excuse you from being a shitty
Answer: A LOT!
You probably know what kind of Pinoy texter you are if you watched this video we published recently. Did you know that how you text also says something about you? Take this test to find out! Follow Stephanie on Twitter.RELATED:WATCH:
Sometimes, you just can't deal with it in person.
Ever break up with someone through text? Yeah? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU.Seriously, don't.Follow Sandra on Twitter.RELATED:WATCH: Texts From Your SiblingsWATCH: Texts From Overprotective Pinoy ParentsWATCH: The Best Palusot Lines We've Ever HeardWATCH: Texts From Your
"Ate, pa-load. Pls."
When kuya accidentally leaves his keys and now he's banging on the door at 4 a.m. because now you have to let him in...what do you do?Follow Sandra on Twitter.RELATED:WATCH: Texts From Overprotective Pinoy Parents***Subscribe
"She's either getting dumped, or proposed-to."
1.Skye: I actually believe this guy. Rather, I believe it's true even if it's by accident. From my perspective, the perspective of someone who's several years out of college, it's true that starting a relationship just before
Does he rely on <i>just</i> SMS to make the moves on you? Find out why that may not always be a good thing.
Your text inbox likely has a slew of messages sent to you by guys you know-from "Wassup, hottie?" to "Can I see u 2nyt?" Nowadays, texting is more popular than ever: Market Research International reports that one out of two Pinoys
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