Like, will you have to unblock them on your phone first?
I'm not above a rogue text to an ex every now and then. The impulses from time to time are totally normal, so I certainly don't judge you for it. For me, personally, I especially get the I-
You hate when it happens to you, so don't do it to anyone else!
Three dates in, and things with Trent have been dreamy so far. He's handsome and charming and has already mentioned meeting his family a couple times. But when five days go by without a single text, your brain turns into a
Live a little!
Look, texting a guy can be a real rush of excitement, but it can also be bad for you if you're trying to create some boundaries. Like, maybe it's an ex whom you vowed to stay away from,
What's normal and what's unhealthy?
I don't know about you, but on the rare instance that I'm in a relationship, I enjoy waking up to a "good morning" text or a comforting message before I start my day. It's like a
'You can double text out of genuine concern.'
The double text (sometimes referred to as a "doubletext") is the act of sending another even though you haven't gotten a response on your previous message yet. If you send another message without your recipient having addressed your previous message, are
Are they broken up or aren't they?!
Reports of Bea Alonzo unfollowing Gerald Anderson on Instagram made headlines last week. Interestingly, Bea also unfollowed Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, who happens to be Gerald's leading lady in the recent romantic comedy, My Perfect You. Not to mention,
Damn, you guys are cute!
Nadine Lustre and James Reid have been a couple for over two years now, and as anyone who's been in a relationship knows, you and your partner can't help but create your own "couple language" that's
He's literally never 'just getting out of the shower.'
1. He doesn't always have your name (or your real name) in his phone. Do you ever get the feeling you're getting the written response equivalent of "Oh, hey ... you..."? It's because he didn't put your name in
You could say, they are 'chained to their phones.'
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are still friends who text and talk, according to a new report from E! News. According to the site, Orly is so "cool" with his ex that they still spend time with each other since announcing their
'Good morning' and 'good night' texts will ALWAYS win.
The year is 2016, phones have been around for seemingly forever, everyone's texting plans are unlimited, and yet: Men are still somehow failing to be good at texting. Finding a guy who is a Good Texter feels like hitting the jackpot,
As opposed to replying, like, right away.
If you've never wondered in terror what it means when it takes him four hours to text you back on a Wednesday night when you knew for a fact he wasn't working (for the record, if he's working, none
Replying right away means you have no life. WTF?
1. When someone you don't know that well texts and asks how you're doing, you have to just say, "Good!" even if you had a crappy day.Why have we all decided that we have to hang out in some
Friends don't let friends text like total monsters.
Everyone has that friend who's delightful in person, but seems cold and off-putting in text conversations. Did that "sure." mean she really wanted to order McDo tonight, or is she being all passive-aggressive about not getting pizza? It seems
Sometimes you don't actually mean what you text, right?
When the bae says sorry, and you reply, "No big deal. It's okay," but you really mean, "EH SIRA KA PALA EH!" #honesty***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Mostly he just watches iFlix for a few hours.
1. She better be dead. This is a horrible thing to wish upon someone, but admit it, you've thought it when someone didn't text you back. There are only a handful of reasons that excuse you from being a shitty
If he's ghosting you, you should probably just go get some pizza. invited three adorable little girls to share their texting advice-and they had a lot to say. According to these ladies, if you send a boy some funny-faced selfies, he might text you back. If the boy doesn't
Answer: A LOT!
You probably know what kind of Pinoy texter you are if you watched this video we published recently. Did you know that how you text also says something about you? Take this test to find out! Follow Stephanie on Twitter.RELATED:WATCH:
'Yung ang daming sinasabi.
You have that ONE friend who texts like this...Follow Sandra on Twitter.***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Sometimes, you just can't deal with it in person.
Ever break up with someone through text? Yeah? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU.Seriously, don't.Follow Sandra on Twitter.RELATED:WATCH: Texts From Your SiblingsWATCH: Texts From Overprotective Pinoy ParentsWATCH: The Best Palusot Lines We've Ever HeardWATCH: Texts From Your
"Ate, pa-load. Pls."
When kuya accidentally leaves his keys and now he's banging on the door at 4 a.m. because now you have to let him in...what do you do?Follow Sandra on Twitter.RELATED:WATCH: Texts From Overprotective Pinoy Parents***Subscribe
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