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Including upcoming releases.
It's no secret that Netflix likes a big production. A quick look at the platform's recent original releases make that clear. Bridgerton, The Witcher, and Lupin...need we say more? So, when it comes to budgets, the sky
Don't expect an Oprah Winfrey to be cast any time soon.
If you're hoping to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey dramatized by The Crown on Netflix, you're going to be disappointed.The show's creator Peter Morgan previously said he won&#
Anybody fancy a regal tour?
The Crown, Netflix's hugely popular fictional portrayal of the British Royal family, has kept us entertained over the years now(!) and left us obsessed with a) Lady Diana's wardrobe and b) the amazing backdrops.Stately homes, castles, manor
It's set in the 1950s!
Huge film news incoming: The Crown's Emma Corrin will star alongside Harry Styles in a new romance movie for Amazon Studios. The duo will play the leads in the adaptation of My Policeman, a novel written by Bethan Roberts in
Need a bit more ~scandal and intrigue~ in your life?
It's official: Netflix's newest TV series, Bridgerton, is a major hit! With just eight-episodes making up this steamy and sensual romp you probably found yourself breezing through the show in no time. That said, if you'
She got every element of the look down pat!
Playing dress-up is fun especially when you're inspired. Case in point: Dawn Zulueta. She's been sharing photos of herself dressed up as some of her favorite Netflix characters. We totally love that she got every element of
Didn't think it was possible, yet here we are.
There were a lot of awkward moments in The Crown Season 4, but Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles meeting for lunch at a restaurant called Ménage à Trois was...simply next level. Like, straight up: If your new boyfriend tries to
I need answers, plz and ty.
There have been a lot of big blowout royal weddings over the years, but none of them can hold a candle to Princess Diana and Prince Charles' nuptials. I mean, this thing was watched globally by 750 million people-including two
Her Majesty called Diana a 'nervy racehorse' and complained about her crying.
The Crown has arrived on Netflix and if you're a fellow royal nerd enthusiast, then you've already watched the entire thing and currently have some questions. Primarily: When will Season 5 drop and how much of what we
I'm not ready.
In case the royal family's present-day drama isn't enough to quench your thirst, please turn your attention to Netflix's The Crown. The show's fourth season dropped on November 15, and it mainly focuses
The show makes a very compelling case for why someone would want to leave the royal family.
The Crown's fourth season hit Netflix last weekend, and it's the one fans have been truly waiting for: the Princess Diana season. Up until this point, the show has focused on Queen Elizabeth's ascent to the
The Crown season 4 is officially available to stream! And, well, if you've watched any of the previous seasons, you know the royals don't always come off looking that great. At this point, I should mention that spoilers for The
They have their very own corgi graveyard. :(
As anyone who watches The Crown already knows, Queen Elizabeth II is obsessed with the point where she's basically owned a small village of 'em. Her Majesty has had at least 30 corgis since becoming Queen, and in the
'She was probably trying to say 'shoe' and you misunderstood her.'
The Crown, a TV series that focuses on the lives of the British royal family, just dropped its fourth season on Netflix! "Imelda Marcos" was a trending topic on Twitter today because...well...the former first lady of the Philippines got a
Her Majesty's former press secretary has said suggestions of an extramarital affair have 'absolutely no substance.'
The Crown Season 3 is about to launch on Netflix this weekend, and viewers are giddy with excitement at seeing Olivia Colman step into the shoes of Her Majesty The Queen.The new season of The Crown will span the '60s
Time to update your favorites list!
Binge-watching on Netflix may seem like a lazy hobby, but it's actually a meaningful way to spend your time (and we mean hours...okay, maybe days) when you're watching shows that *matter*. With so many new shows
Off with their heads!
Claire Foy was paid less than her male co-star for her starring role as Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix's The Crown.During a panel about the series at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem, per Variety, the show's
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