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Are you still hung up on him?
We're sure you've been there (as we all have), hung up and depressed over that person we thought was the one who got away. This guy was perfect in almost every single way and you felt intense euphoria when you
'We clung to each other for months, because wouldn't you, once you had found The One?'
For a year, we were deliriously happy. In him I saw everything I had always wanted in a man: intelligence, independence, creativity, compassion, a sense of humor, an easygoing attitude, not to mention monster sex appeal. And he felt the same way
"I think I now have to live with the fact that you will always be the standard."
Jason,I still remember our first date. We were so excited to go out by ourselves for the first time, only to have your car break down on the way to the restaurant. We ended up walking to a nearby McDonald's,