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He’s in your fave dramas, variety shows, and films!
Veteran actor Cha Tae Hyun became a household name after the success of the film, My Sassy Girl, with Jun Ji Hyun in 2001 (the Philippine adaptation is in the works!). With his comedic timing and heartfelt acting, he has consistently landed
One word: ICONIC.
It always happens: Just when we thought we've already seen all the possible twists of a K-drama, the production team surprises us with a special cameo (or two) of a famous actor. Obvs, we're *always* left surprised.
Guaranteed to motivate you in life!
Still experiencing post-Start-Up sadness? Same! We haven't completely let go of the Netflix series, tbh. Kayo din ba? *insert teary-eyed emoji*If you're in the mood to watch K-dramas similar to Start-Up, here&#
She has been ~blueming~ since 2008.
Time really goes by so fast: It feels like yesterday when we first watched IU's "Marshmallow" music video on TV in 2009, and we were amazed to see such a young girl bursting with talent. Now that we're all grown