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She got every element of the look down pat!
Playing dress-up is fun especially when you're inspired. Case in point: Dawn Zulueta. She's been sharing photos of herself dressed up as some of her favorite Netflix characters. We totally love that she got every element of
She was gifted with the entire wardrobe after filming!
The Queen's Gambit makes you want to trade your sneakers for a classy pair of ballet flats and dress like a lady in the '60s. The series is undeniably a well-written visual feast-and that's quite
Guys, 'Emma' is the best!!
If you're still not a fan of Anya Taylor-Joy by now, I will be judging you. JK! The 24-year-old actress, who started her acting career when she was a teenager, captured everyone's hearts internationally after
Heath Ledger and Elliot Page were originally supposed to star in the film adaptation.
Who would have thought a show about chess could captivate practically the entire world? We know you have watched The Queen's Gambit by now, the wildly popular Netflix gem that has people obsessed. The seven-episode series takes you on
'The Queen's Gambit' star knew 'next to nothing about chess,' for one!
You'd be surprised to know that The Queen's Gambit leading lady Anya Taylor-Joy knew "next to nothing about chess" prior to filming the series! She told Entertainment Weekly that she worked with a chess instructor on set
'I just think I'm weird-looking.'
The Queen's Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy opened up about why she doesn't watch her films of shows on the big screen or in cinemas, saying she doesn't believe she is "beautiful enough" to be in
The fascinating chess drama has also sparked an interest in the game itself.
It's hard to pinpoint exactly why The Queen's Gambit is so captivating. Is it Anya Taylor-Joy and her undeniable charisma as the severely misguided Beth Harmon? Is it the incredible world-building of '50s and '
Yup, her first language is *not* English.
The Queen's Gambit is a new show on Netflix that has been getting a lot of positive attention on social media. It stars Anya Taylor-Joy who plays the chess prodigy Beth Harmon. Since then, she's been taking
It's what we deserve, TBH.
By now, you're probably as obsessed with The Queen's Gambit as we are (very obsessed, then). Even though the drama only landed on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, it's already found itself a huge fan
Do 'Love Actually' and 'Harry Potter' ring a bell?
Netflix's hit limited series The Queen's Gambit, about chess prodigy Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), has been creating a huge buzz since its release. One major talking point is the distinctly familiar cast; an eclectic mix of actors
It was inspired by the book's author's own life.
Anya Taylor-Joy's character in The Queen's Gambit on Netflix is a master of two things: chess and winged eyeliner. If you have enough Youtube tutorials to help you with the latter but the former has you wanting more information,