The actress opened up about suffering from physical, mental, and emotional abuse.
Melissa Benoist, star of the TV show Supergirl, opened up about being a survivor of domestic violence in an emotional, almost 15-minute IGTV video. The actress said her abuser, whom she didn't name, was younger than her, "charming, funny, manipulative,
Her fans are...not thrilled!
Okay, so please cast your mind to the fated day Taylor Swift's banana video came out. It was the best of times, it was the most banana-y of times, and now it's the shadiest of times thanks
She explains what happened, and the story is hilariously tragic!
Nothing is having a bigger week than Dakota Johnson's tooth gap and recent lack thereof. After years of being a gorgeous fixture of Dakota's smile, I regret to inform you the gap is gone, my friends. And because nothing gets
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