Hiram Lodge is way too obvious, right?
Take a breath, Riverdale fans. After that hellishly long hiatus, we're finally back. And despite the worrisome title of the season two premiere, "A Kiss Before Dying," it turns out Fred Andrews is going to be just fine. Probably. For now.
Ross Butler has opened up about his character's part in Hannah's suicide.
13 Reasons Why is the show on everyone's minds at the minute. But the longer time goes on, the more theories we see rising to surface to make you wonder if everything you originally believed was in fact true, just because
It might involve a zombie apocalypse. No, really.
The first season of Riverdale is just more than halfway finished, but the mystery of who killed Jason Blossom remains as unsolved as ever. New suspects keep popping up all over the place, and the ones who've been "eliminated" could still
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