"You can wear anything." PAHAHAHAHA!
1. "Yeah, but you can get away without wearing a bra." This just implies our boobs are so small, they aren't visible with the naked eye.2. "You're so lucky." We don't feel all that lucky
"How do you know? You've been with one guy for aaaages..."
1. "How do you spice it up?" As if it weren't already spicy. When you're in a really, really good relationship, you don't have to search for spices-they're just there in infinite supply.
She's a human who has stresses of her own!
1. Now that you pay rent and bills, you know that raising you was expensive. Yeah, cable is a lot each month and, yeah, paying rent is killing you very slowly, but all that pales in comparison to school and doctors and
She can't be kind, pretty, AND smart, right?
1. Why is a pretty girl like her still single? As if it's implied that if a girl's pretty, she has a boyfriend. Isn't being in a relationship her choice?2. She must be crazy that's why she'
Like live on your own.
Before sharing your life with your S.O., make sure you've lived your single life to the fullest. Here are seven things you shouldn't miss out on before you say "I do."Traveling the worldYou could do it alone, with
You've been told to quiet down for the boys.
1. You've been considered mataray by most people. Sadly it's the price you pay for pointing out what's wrong with the world. People can't accept what's up so they call you mean instead. It's easier for
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