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"How do you know? You've been with one guy for aaaages..."
1. "How do you spice it up?" As if it weren't already spicy. When you're in a really, really good relationship, you don't have to search for spices-they're just there in infinite supply.
She's a human who has stresses of her own!
1. Now that you pay rent and bills, you know that raising you was expensive. Yeah, cable is a lot each month and, yeah, paying rent is killing you very slowly, but all that pales in comparison to school and doctors and
She can't be kind, pretty, AND smart, right?
1. Why is a pretty girl like her still single? As if it's implied that if a girl's pretty, she has a boyfriend. Isn't being in a relationship her choice?2. She must be crazy that's why she'
Like live on your own.
Before sharing your life with your S.O., make sure you've lived your single life to the fullest. Here are seven things you shouldn't miss out on before you say "I do."Traveling the worldYou could do it alone, with
You've been told to quiet down for the boys.
1. You've been considered mataray by most people. Sadly it's the price you pay for pointing out what's wrong with the world. People can't accept what's up so they call you mean instead. It's easier for
The cramp may be more than just a cramp.
Some of them literally don't cost a thing.
1. Clean hair. You can never go wrong with this, because clean will always look classy. Messy or unkempt hair is tricky and difficult to pull off, and most likely you're going to have to compensate in other things like expensive
1. Get drunk.Alcohol suddenly becomes your new best friend because there's no easier way to forget about the pain. And then the drunk-texts come that go from "Hey, I miss you so bad," and "I still love you," to "
Stop believing that your vagina smells like a fish market.
1. Get to know what it looks like so you're not flipping out over that ingrown hair you get all the time. You've been living with your same mons pubis for 30 years. Study it like it's an unsolved
Do musicians even earn from music streaming?!
Musicians don't earn a lot from it.An infographic created by information designer David McCandless at Information is Beautiful shows the artist revenue per play and how much music streaming users need to play their track so they can earn minimum
Sometimes they're just a little too much to handle.
Growing up with brothers isn't as easy as you think, you guys. To give you a clearer picture of how growing up with brothers feels like, we scanned through the tweets from the hashtag #GrowingUpWithBrothers on Twitter.1. They steal your
If a guy's not supportive, he's out.
1. She goes through shit. She commutes, which means she has to deal with inconsiderate people who can't even line up, and she has to line up with all the heat and pollution for about an hour to get to work
What do you mean I don't have any other plans? Eating popcorn while watching 'Suits' is totally a plan.
1. "But it's going to be so fun!" It might be, it might not be, but you know what will definitely, for sure be fun? My plan of sitting on my couch with popcorn. So I'm sticking with that. 2. "
You're responsible for your own happiness.
Just because you're not the type to date around doesn't mean there's nothing you can pick up from women who do. Here are five love and life lessons you can learn from true-blue serial daters.You have to
Also known as: Things That You Shouldn't Take Against Other People
A lot of people get pissed or mad about being judged by others, which is understandable especially when the judgments are hasty and come out of nowhere. Judging itself seems to have been put in a bad light, as seen when we'
Some will break your heart a little bit.
1. The Unstoppable"We had a misunderstanding. Honestly, wala akong kasalanan. I can walk away pero mahal ko siya at iniisip ko rin anak namin. Pride doesn't matter. Sabi ko sa kanya kung hindi mo na ko mahal liligawan kita ulit.
People wonder if you guys are together-together.
1. Everyone will assume that you guys are somehow romantically linked.People will always speculate what's going on between the two of you-whether the two of you are dating, have dated, or are still getting there. Sooner or later, you
Before you go on and rant about how much you hate how he does this and that, re-evaluate yourself.
Making you wait on a date.When he's running late because he a) came from somewhere else with his friends, b) left work late, or c) just doesn't know the value of time, you start to give him a lecture
Step away from the espresso.
For many of us, life completely sans caffeine will probably never be a thing. But keeping a lid on your intake could do all kinds of good stuff for your body. Here's everything your doctor wish you knew about the busy