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According to a thirtysomething single woman.
Full disclosure: I am a thirtysomething single woman. So when I watched the Antoinette Jadaone-directed rom-com The Achy Breaky Hearts, I found myself relating to the heroine. Hard.The Achy Breaky Hearts tells the story of Chinggay (Jodi Sta. Maria),
'Happiness is only achieved by accomplishing all your hopes and dreams.'
With age comes infinite wisdom, and as a result, the things you thought were absolute truths in your 20s turn out to be a load of BS by the time you reach your 30s. Appropriately, a recent thread in AskReddit posed the
It's older than you think.
If you're in your mid- to late 20s and feel like you've truly peaked, ~hotness~ wise, stand down-you probably haven't. Like, I'm sure you look very good and I'm happy for you, but according to a
Would you like a massive helping of self-confidence to go with your first fine lines? Yes. Yes, you would.
I spent my 20s in fear. Fear of not finding a cool job, fear of missing out, fear that that stupid thing I did would actually end up to be way more stupid than it felt in the moment, fear that my