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Um, ouch.
Filming sex scenes sounds really difficult. Dakota Johnson would know all about how difficult it is, considering she filmed three movies that are essentially a collection of sex scenes strung together with a cool contemporary pop soundtrack. While her co-star Jamie
Very cheeky.
Kendall Jenner might have worn the tiniest lingerie possible at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week, but that doesn't mean there isn't still more of her to see.On Monday, Kendall teased a photo shoot for Love magazine
Are they hygienic? Should you wear them to the gym? All your questions answered!
Thongs often get a bad rap, and with many believing they're a one-way ticket to infection city ("basically a bacterial superhighway from your bum hole to your business," as Della tells Germaine in Caitlin Moran's comedy Raised by Wolves).
It ain't easy, guys.
I had a college roommate who swore up and down that thongs were the only underwear worth wearing. I, on the other hand, would pretty much rather eat my own eyeballs than string myself up like a Christmas ham. Potayto, pohtahto-right?
Not having a VPL comes with a few risks.
Most women rely on thong underwear to prevent panty lines and avoid the awkward scrunching that occurs with full-fledged briefs. But that doesn't make your much loved thongs 100 percent healthy to wear at all times, according to Jill Rabin,