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Which one's the best for you?
When it comes to keeping certain areas of our body hairless, what type of hair removal process works best? We dissected the ways:ShavingThe process: A razor cuts the hair at skin level.Best for: Legs and armsCost: P35-P75 per disposable
And it looks like it works!
Excess hair is an annoying reality we all have to deal with. From that first trip to the salon to get your brows shaped for prom, to last-minute tweezing sessions so your date won't be turned off by your lady '
"It felt like all my eyebrows would be gone."
You've gotten so used to getting your eyebrows threaded that going to a salon doesn't really faze you. But do you remember the first time you got your brows (or your upper lip) threaded? The people at BuzzFeed Video decided
Wondering which process of hair removal is best? We give you a rundown of the pros and cons of each plus some tips that might come in handy!
Our hair is supposed to be our crowning glory. Problem is, if it's growing in unsightly places, where's the glory in that? Here are tips and tricks for you, Cosmo gals, on how to handle that hairy situation:BLEACHING: The
Bored with your old 'do? Amp your locks with a splash of color carefully picked out for you.
No matter how busy you, Cosmo girls, are, you need to find time to upgrade your look every now and then. As fun fearless females, looking good and feeling great is always top priority-and keeping your usual, safe hairstyle can get