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A project that was made out of love.
If there's any fashion lesson Bridgerton has taught us, it's that corsets should be in your 2021 wardrobe. Cinched waists and pressed boobs are all the rage, thanks to the period Netflix series. But of course, since we&#
We're stealing her style in 3, 2, 1.
If you need inspo in putting together comfy and cute outfits, you better check out Chelsea Valencia's IG grid. A common style formula we've noticed is that she has mastered the art of layering that works for our
Here's another thrift-flip project!
We've got great news: You have the ~*power*~ to upgrade an old clothing item without spending money! Welcome to the world of thrift flipping or upcycling, where you transform boring pieces into cooler clothes that fit your size and aesthetic.
The ~trippy~ pattern is back!
I was recently scrolling through TikTok (as one does), and I noticed that tie-dye clothing seems to be trendy again. It's been around forever, but it has recently made a comeback as one of this year's hottest
Some don't even need sewing!
If you love digging through piles of clothes in ukay-ukay shops in search of hidden gems, then you're probably also familiar with thrift flipping. ICYDK, it's the process of altering pieces to make them fit better or
You only need some needle, thread, and a lot of patience!
Who here loves ukay-ukay shopping? We know we do. There's just something so satisfying about finding clothes that are affordable and unique after hours of digging into piles and looking through the racks. Another thing we like doing? Watching