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You only need some needle, thread, and a lot of patience!
Who here loves ukay-ukay shopping? We know we do. There's just something so satisfying about finding clothes that are affordable and unique after hours of digging into piles and looking through the racks. Another thing we like doing? Watching
It's all in the way you carry your clothes!
We've always talked about the stylish yet cheap finds one can chance upon in the ukay-ukay. That said, ending up with quality pieces that both fit your style and account for your taste-amongst a throng of seemingly endless
We spent less than P1,500 for three different outfits!
Taytay Tiangge: Every Pinay fashionista's piece of heaven in Rizal. We've written a guide to this shopping paradise before, but we decided to kick it up a notch and actually do a virtual tour of the place. We
Enjoy shopping in Japan without going broke!
There's a lot to admire about Japan, from its trippy toilets to its subway systems that could make you forget about Manila traffic. But shopping is a different experience altogether, and can be a bit daunting if it's