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Remember when she impersonated Frankie and 'the chicken McDo?'
If you're on Twitter or TikTok, I'm sure you've met Rain Matienzo, the college student from the University of the Philippines who makes hilarious "Conyo Girl" videos! In an interview with Candymag, 20-year-old Rain
Want to go viral? Start here.
If you want to go viral on TikTok, you need to make sure you're making vids using only the most popular songs on the app. It's just science. I know this because I have a master's
The content creator makes a big career shift.
For anyone who thinks that it's too late and that they're too old to pursue their dreams and passions, this content creator's story might just make you think otherwise.Marvin Fojas got the public's
So this is what it's like in a ~locked-in taping~, LOL!
So Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are currently filming their new digital movie series, The House Arrest Of Us, in an undisclosed location. Due to the pandemic, the whole cast and crew have been in a ~locked-in taping~ for the past
If you've seen the term on TikTok, here's what it means...
Raise your hand if you've ever dated a dude who you helped, guided, and molded into becoming a better version of himself...only for him to dump you, get in a new relationship, and marry his next fling?Hi, welcome, yes,
'Those are individuals with deep-set discrimination, not a cultural predisposition that a hashtag is going to change.'
If you're on Twitter, you've probably seen the hashtag "#cancelkorea" going around, and it's been ~dividing~ Netizens since last night. In a Twitter thread today, 19-year-old Frankie Pangilinan, who is known for being outspoken
Mawada al-Adham has over three million followers on the app.
TikTok star Mawada al-Adham (who racked up over three million followers on the app, with a further 1.6 million fans on Instagram) has been sentenced to two years in prison for breaking Egyptian "family values." Her content, in comparison to
Kyne also joined Canada's Drag Race!
Meet Kyne, a Pinoy drag queen based in Canada who uses her college mathematics degree to teach on TikTok! Born in the Philippines ("Taga-Manila ako"), Kyne and her family moved to Canada when she was five years old. "I'm
Is it time to say goodbye to your favorite TikTokers?
Heads up: TikTok might get banned in the United States, which means your favorite TikTok stars could stop serving you your dose of food hacks and dance moves.Rumors of a TikTok ban are equal parts highly political and highly confusing, so
International fans, it's our time to *shine*!
We're sure you miss going to fan meets and concerts, so here's something to look forward to: meeting your favorite K-drama actors-Song Seung Heon, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Lee Kwang Soo-
BRB, we're taking notes!
TikTok is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it's easy recipes, styling hacks, or makeup tutorials, I learn something new every day. TBH, even crash courses on subjects you'd never expect to be on TikTok are
It's so good!
One no-fail food that will always fill us up no matter what is Jollibee's famous Chickenjoy rice meal. It's delicious, familiar, and relatively affordable! And while it's already so good on its own, we can&#
Why haven't we thought of this sooner?
We're pretty sure many of us are familiar with the struggle of clasping our bracelets on our own. It's hard to do it with one hand! We usually ask for assistance for others to help us accomplish the
Try saying 'mango-matcha mochi' three times fast!
Can't get over the matcha trend? We feel you. From pudding, to a dalgona-whipped drink, to truffles, and even pan de sal, the matcha flavor has definitely branched out (pun intended). If you have a sweet tooth, why not
Surprisingly easy!
We can't get enough of white sneakers, but the reality is, they get dirty easily. If you've been putting off cleaning and sanitizing your favorite pair of white sneaks, now's the perfect time for you to finally do it.
Cheers to another e-numan staple!
If you're in need of a boozy drink, you might want to try this genius recipe we found on TikTok. It calls for ingredients you already love-strawberries, Soju, and Yakult-so we're pretty sure this milkshake cocktail
She posted about it on TikTok and the post has now gone viral.
It's normal to be nervous when you're about to get a piercing-even if it isn't your first time. After all, an object is about to pierce your skin, so it's bound to be
Our favorite island bb!
Lilo Eigenmann Alipayo is officially our favorite beach baby, and we love getting updates about her lovely island life with her parents Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo. We've already rounded up adorable photos of this bungisngis baby, and now, we discovered
A variation of a classic dessert!
If there's one dessert I'll never get tired of eating, it's mango float. Composed of layers of condensed milk, mango slices, and graham crackers, it has everything I want in a treat: sweet, creamy, and with
We're trying this out ASAP!
Aside from assorted flavors of pan de sal (ube and matcha fillings, anyone?), another ~quarantreat~ that's always on our feed is the basque burnt cheesecake. It has a super creamy texture, plus the toasted top layer adds just the right