TikTok chefs are a gift.
It feels like everyone and their mother have become ~chefs~ since the quarantine started. There is no shortage of people flaunting their newly-baked bread, cookies, and breakfast food on social media every day. And we must give credit where it'
Another day, another article about Things We've Learned from our new favorite platform, TikTok. This time, it's all about learning how to dress and pose to appear taller and longer in pics, because who doesn't want
You've probably watched one of his vids in your 'For You' page.
During quarantine, I'd have to admit that my TikTok usage has spiked. I've never been so engorged in watching short videos about any topic under the sun. One of the most followed TikTok accounts is @newt, aka Newton
Including a ~refreshing~ soju mix!
It's official: TikTok has taken over our lives. We've learned so much from that app, from easy recipes, popular dances, funny pranks, and cool beauty + styling hacks, too. One account that has all of that? Laureen Uy'
Hi, hello. We're back with another life hack that we discovered from where else: TikTok. This time, it's about how you should *actually* be sealing your cereal boxes without using anything else and wow, what a revelation! All my life
Cravings satisfied!
Do you sometimes reminisce about your office lunch break food? Was one of the meals you miss Ate Rica's Bacsilog? Because, honestly, same. We always crave that rice bowl, too. There was something about it that will make you come
Her Mayor Vico Sotto videos are gold, TBH.
TikTok has been around for quite some time, but it had a huge burst of popularity in 2020, especially now that people have a lot more time in their hands. Their 15-, 30-, and 60-second videos are so attention-grabbing, you
Because dad jokes are supreme.
Hello, '90s kids! Do you still remember Eric Fructuoso? He was part of the teen idol group "Gwapings," along with Mark Anthony Fernandez and Jomari Yllana. He was also in the former ABS-CBN sitcom series, Palibhasa Lalake in the same
Did you know about this hack?
One of the things you should add to your kitchen tools is a vegetable peeler. It's a useful tool to have, especially if you want to prep your ingredients faster. Plus, it doesn't even have to be expensive
Heart eyes forever!
Ever since he posted his first TikTok video, Rain has #blessed us with more vids to remind us why we fell for him in the first place. From dance clips to fashion styling, here's a mini round-up of all
Meet Mama Lulu and Olly!
By now, you've probably seen video compilations of a ridiculously cute Pinoy mom being quizzed by her son about different celebrities-from K-Pop stars, Hollywood actors, TikTok celebs, rappers, and even some Pinoy actors. Each video is called "Name That
Thank you, TikTok fans for sharing this vital information.
If you're a bit tired from all that indoor exercise and want a break from playing Animal Crossing, it's time to put your feet up, light a candle and remove the scent of toxic masculinity lurking in the
It involves hair gel!
If we're being honest, one of our resolutions at the beginning of the year was to be better at doing our eyebrows. They just make such a difference in the way we look! Thankfully though, we don't have
We're talking about that garterized sheet that's always SO HARD to fold.
Most days, I'm pretty good at adulting. I pay my bills on time. I have some savings (though it could always be more). I've even learned how to cook beyond simply frying an egg. But something I always
Find out why everyone is crazy about it.
It all started when TikTok user @kaelynwhitee posted the side-by-side clips of her skin transformation. There were pics that showed that she suffered from acne and uneven skin texture, and a video that revealed her clear and smooth complexion. Of
Embrace your inner TikToker, girl.
At the start of the ECQ, I couldn't go through Instagram Stories without seeing some version of a viral TikTok challenge. We're almost two months into the lockdown, and this still rings true. Indeed, people are at home,
'Are you sure you're my friend?!'
Warning: This contains *major* spoilers from A World of Married Couple. Episodes of everyone's new favorite K-drama, A World Of Married Couple, are getting more intense as we speak. The show's characters make us feel sooo many
Go TF off, Ari!
Okay, so, like...pretend for a sec that you're a wildly famous celebrity and then a bunch of people on the internet tried making a living by copying your image and likeness. Sounds...irritating, right? Welp, this is what Ariana Grande
This technique is life-changing.
If you've spent an ungodly amount of time just scrolling through TikTok, chances are, you've seen a foundation application hack that promises to make it look like you're wearing a filter IRL. Shared by user @ridaaaamat, it involves changing
Check out more content from your faves!
It seems everyone's on TikTok these days-including several K-pop idols! With the current situation making live events impossible for now, celebrities have taken to uploading more content on social media in order to interact with their fans. If
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