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Spoiler: It can cause damaged or clogged oil glands!
Hello there! If you love applying eyeliner on your waterline to complete your ~lewk~, you might want to be extra thorough in removing it at the end of the day. In a TikTok video uploaded by an optometrist, Dr. Brittani Carver-Schemper,
We don't know what to believe anymore.
Just days after discovering Taylor Swift's doppelgänger, TikTok has struck again. Except this time, it's Black Widow star, Scarlett Johansson, who now has a lookalike.Oh and did we mention that Jennifer Aniston has a TikTok doppelgä
Woah, wait a sec?
Waaaait a second, back it up for just one gosh darn minute-because this latest TikTok hack has truly got us flummoxed: a dentist has gone viral on TikTok after saying that the majority of us are using mouthwash wrong. How so?
Get to know the rising TikTok star with over two million followers.
If you're on TikTok, chances are you've come across Nana Silayro's videos on your fyp. As a comedian and advocate of self-love, the 20-something Pinay from Iloilo City is a rising star you absolutely *
It's surprisingly easy to DIY!
If like me, you spend your free time scrolling through TikTok, chances are, you might've come across people cutting their own hair and turning it into a fancy-looking mullet. If you're wondering whether or not the '
They totally deserve to be on your fyp!
Do you remember when people started getting into TikTok? As far as I could recall, it was around early last year, aka the start of the pandemic. The internet would go crazy over making videos with songs like "Supalonely" by Benee, "Savage"
Planning to migrate for your career or studies? Check these out!
With everything going on right now, don't feel bad if you find yourself dreaming of flying elsewhere and settling down there for a change. Especially if you've been stuck at home for so long. For many of us
It's equal parts sweet, savory, smoky, and umami!
The Triple Cheese Doughnuts at Lola Nena's and Litson Baka at Andok's are both local eats with their own respective cult following, having enjoyed their share of the social media spotlight at different times. They're each
'Jap night is date night.'
Netizens think Dominic Roque just low-key confirmed he and Bea Alonzo are *officially* dating.On June 17, Thursday, Dominic posted a TikTok video capturing snippets from a dinner date."Jap night is date night. #fyp"The video included footage of two
You've probably seen it all over your ForYouPage.
Thanks to TikTok, we've already tried the feta cheese + tomato pasta recipe and we've made our own spicy pickled garlic snack. This time, we're prepping our kitchen for this *new* ramen hack that the Internet can&#
Another day, another TikTok discovery!
Another day, another discovery from the ~medical~ side of TikTok! Remember when we reported that dentists can tell if you've given a blow job just by looking at the roof of your mouth? Well, it turns out there are other
In case there are people who still think it's 'okay.'
Believe it or not, we still see "blackface" and "brownface" on Philippine TV, especially when it comes to stories about indigenous Aeta groups. In 2018, a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode called "Equal Rights" featuring the life of Aeta Norman King gained backlash
I would love an app that DIDN’T make me feel terrible, thanks.
t wasn't the first time I didn't understand something on TikTok. But it was the first time I had literally no idea what was happening in the videos. Maybe it was because the reaction I saw in each clip (gasps,
It's literally *so* simple.
If you're wondering how to reverse audio and video on TikTok, then you've come to the right place. TikTok's trendy #reverse vids are super popular rn, but a lot of peeps have no idea how to
Take notes, you guys!
Gone are the days when people would use TikTok for just dance challenges, makeup tutorials, and easy recipes. Lately, instead of using it for pure entertainment, more people have started exploring the platform as a way to educate, too. From the app
Summer heat, whomstve?
I am one of those who believe in the power of iced coffee. My day should always start with a cold glass of caffeine with a splash of oat milk and a hint of vanilla. Otherwise, it's gonna be a
My tastebuds were *confused* but they're not mad at it, lol.
If you're a ~tambay ng TikTok~ like I am, you've probably encountered the famous spicy pickled garlic snack on your #foryoupage. It was first posted by @lalaleluu, and since then, thousands of people have tried her concoction, too-
She's winning the Internet!
So we've already pretty much established that Maris Racal is the queen of naming her house plants and of quality meme-able content online, but it looks like she's in the running for another Internet throne. The 23-
Today, in TikTok news...
Another day, another TikTok lesson that'll make you go, huh? For years, millennials have been using "basic" to describe someone who conforms to certain trends or something that's pretty generic. It largely has a negative connotation but over
You only need four ingredients!
When it comes to whipping things up in the kitchen, I'd like to consider myself as someone with a set of skills that's puwede na, LOL. I'm not a newbie cook but I'm not