Surprisingly easy!
We can't get enough of white sneakers, but the reality is, they get dirty easily. If you've been putting off cleaning and sanitizing your favorite pair of white sneaks, now's the perfect time for you to finally do it.
Cheers to another e-numan staple!
If you're in need of a boozy drink, you might want to try this genius recipe we found on TikTok. It calls for ingredients you already love-strawberries, Soju, and Yakult-so we're pretty sure this milkshake cocktail
She posted about it on TikTok and the post has now gone viral.
It's normal to be nervous when you're about to get a piercing-even if it isn't your first time. After all, an object is about to pierce your skin, so it's bound to be
Our favorite island bb!
Lilo Eigenmann Alipayo is officially our favorite beach baby, and we love getting updates about her lovely island life with her parents Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo. We've already rounded up adorable photos of this bungisngis baby, and now, we discovered
A variation of a classic dessert!
If there's one dessert I'll never get tired of eating, it's mango float. Composed of layers of condensed milk, mango slices, and graham crackers, it has everything I want in a treat: sweet, creamy, and with
We're trying this out ASAP!
Aside from assorted flavors of pan de sal (ube and matcha fillings, anyone?), another ~quarantreat~ that's always on our feed is the basque burnt cheesecake. It has a super creamy texture, plus the toasted top layer adds just the right
Who knew it was this easy to remove bones?
Before the pandemic hit, eating out at chicken wings joints was one of our favorite things to do with our barkadas and officemates. Baskets of chicken wings, beer, and lots of kwentuhan-goooood times. Thankfully, most of our favorite chicken wings restaurants
It looks so cute!
Here at, we're very big on dessert, and we're constantly looking for ways to level up our ~food experience~. During our many hours spent scrolling through TikTok, we found this easy recipe that turns churros into
'KeEp sLayIng, bHie'
If you've ever come across TikTok skits that feature a man who acts like a young boy with "Luh" as his catchphrase, you know who Marvin Fojas is. He's also responsible for the "Bhie" TikTok series, where he
Time to cook up a storm!
If you scroll through Twitter and TikTok long enough, you're bound to watch one of @newt's (or @milktpapi on Twitter) mouth-watering cooking videos. Also known as Newton Nguyen or Newt, his content regularly features easy recipes from
Mind blown!
To all pancit canton enthusiasts and pasta lovers, listen up. We've been doing a crucial step incorrectly all this time. We've been draining noodles the wrong way!We were all taught to place the noodles in a plastic
Literally two of our favorite things to get at Korean groceries!
The next time you feel like indulging in a sweet cocktail, we have the *perfect* recipe for you! We just found this glorious soju + melona slushie recipe on TikTok, and we're pretty much set on recreating this once we get our
It looks super chic!
I've been scrolling through Instagram lately, and I noticed that scarves are a ~thing~ again. A lot of celebrities and influencers have been wearing them as a replacement for their usual upper garments.If you want to try migrating your
Some don't even need sewing!
If you love digging through piles of clothes in ukay-ukay shops in search of hidden gems, then you're probably also familiar with thrift flipping. ICYDK, it's the process of altering pieces to make them fit better or
Pair it with dried apricots or strawberries for breakfast.
First, there was pancake cereal, which to be honest, was mind-blowing for a kitchen newbie like me; then donut cereal took over for a hot minute. But quarantine has proven time and time again that creativity doesn't stop just
In case you're already *super* bored.
Now that we're all pretty much still staying at home (and staying safe!) we've all been looking for all the ways we can entertain ourselves so we don't live in the unhealthy cycle of sleeping and snacking (#guilty). According
Does he accept one-on-one classes?
If you haven't watched pottery videos on TikTok, I'll have to say that it seems like you haven't lived at all! You're missing out. ;) I'm talking about Dax Newman and his clay
How do these keep getting cuter??
Thanks to TikTok, extra time on our hands, and our collective love of making tiny foods, the internet has obsessed over cereal made of breakfast foods. First, there was pancake cereal, then there was waffle cereal, and, finally, there was cookie cereal (
Live kalat-free for good!
Hello, just when I thought TikTok was only filled with people dancing/doing weird things while they're bored in the house bored in the house bored, I discovered a new ~world: home organization videos. Unlike the usual YouTube videos that I'
They also reveal the *real* minimum height requirement!
Hello there! Welcome to this episode of "Things I Did Not Know Before, But I Do Now, Thanks To TikTok." Today, we will be discussing a particular group of ~interesting~ people on this app: Flight attendants. They seem to have the dream
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