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TBH, it's worth a try.
A TikTok user has gone viral for her rather ~unusual~ sleep hack, which involves a bag of frozen peas. Yup, you read that right. In the video, Frankie Simmons explains how her "life-changing" tip has put an end to the many
This app is really somethin' else.
If you've been on TikTok long enough (and admit it, you definitely have), then you know the app has a lil bit of everything. From heartwarming animal vids for when you need a good cry, to the most random trends
Dr. Karan Raj shared the info with his 4.4 million followers.
As we near the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), one doctor has taken to TikTok to highlight the unusual symptoms we should all be looking out for. With one in seven women in the UK being diagnosed with breast cancer
Just remember us when you’re famous. :')
Okay, so, you've just made a bomb-AF TikTok (we're talking stellar lighting, killer angles, a fire 'fit-you know, the whole package). Now you're stuck on, IMHO, the hardest part: deciding on a caption for your viral-worthy
I personally wouldn't want to be her classmate.
We've seen many "Nanno" makeup transformations over the past year, but the TikTok community has discovered a content creator who SERIOUSLY looks like her. Meet Adriana Cochiné Barb, who goes by the username @adrianabarba18 and has more than one million
OMG, sobrang throwback!
Hello there! Raise your hand if you ever told yourself you'd only spend a few minutes browsing through TikTok, only to find that you've gone down the ~rabbit hole~ a few hours later. (I am very guilty of
Here are some of our fave TikTok reminders from Ayn!
Before she became one of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidates, we've gotten to know Ayn Bernos through the many hats she has worn in the past years. From working as an English teacher in Spain, to becoming an entrepreneur
She filmed a TikTok with fellow skateboarder Rayssa Leal!
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may be over already, but that doesn't mean we've stopped showing our love and support for our Filipino athletes. From Hidilyn Diaz to Nesthy Petecio, ALL of our reps did an *amazing* job and
That's dedication!
A TikToker is rating horror films after watching more than a thousand of them. And while this might sound like many people's idea of hell, it has meant that she's able to definitively tell us which are actually
Mind blown.
If you ever wonder why your locks are always flat but have random hair bends, you probably have naturally wavy hair. Tiktok user Alexa (aajordn) shared an important tip she learned from her salon hairdresser.Alexa said that her hairstylist told her
Take notes, you guys!
Gone are the days when people would use TikTok for just dance challenges, makeup tutorials, and easy recipes. Lately, instead of using it for pure entertainment, more people have started exploring the platform as a way to educate, too. From the app
NGL, I've been thinking about how to post my daily outfit pics. Although I work from home, I make it a point to dress up in clothes I would usually wear in the office. When I put on cute clothes,
He's actually based in the UK!
If you're working in the medical field or if you *know* someone who's a healthcare professional, chances are you've seen Nurse Even's TikTok vids on social media! John Steven Soriano, who goes by the
They're super informative!
TikTok is really a gold mine of videos. There, we learn more life hacks, easy recipes, and fun dance covers. We also discovered cool people like a Pinoy who does an amazingly good British accent, an Ariana Grande impersonator, and even a
Glen Versoza’s performance videos will keep you coming back for more (and more)!
Like many K-pop fans, Glen Versoza, 21, started his love for the genre back when he was in high school. Girls' Generation and Apink were the first groups he stanned. He was drawn to the things we all adore about