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I used an app called Now Then Pro, and it’s free!
When it comes to time management, there are two versions of me: There's the me who's focused and determined and able to finish 80 percent of my daily tasks before 11 a.m. (granted that I wake up
Are you rooting for #JuanchOyce?
Host and TV presenter Joyce Pring released a new episode of her podcast, "Adulting With Joyce Pring," where she invited her suitor, Juancho Trivino, as a guest. "He's very special to a lot of people, most especially to me," she introduced
No no no we don't have to be early, we just CANNOT BE LATE.
1. If we're not at our destination up to six minutes before the agreed meeting time, we get a horrible anxiety in our stomach-across between a sinking and tightening feeling.2. It's not about being early, we just CANNOT
Oh, the little distractions.
You may not notice it, but there are certain personal behaviors that are making you unproductive at work. Here are some of them: Worrying about the little thingsIt may not seem like a time-consuming task, but when you worry-whether it'
So what if we're in the Philippines? Being late has got to stop for everyone's good.
1. It gives a bad impression of you during job interviews. Nothing shows you didn't want the job enough than being late on your job interview. Frankly, the burden of your being late falls on you because you're going to
Avoid unnecessary stress by following these time management tips!
Meet your deadlines without breaking a sweat by managing your time well. Here are some tips from Female Network:1. "Busy" does not mean being "productive." Also, long hours do not equate to productivity.2. Respect your time and teach other people
Make the most of your day by following these tips.
Have you ever had so much on your plate that you ended up not doing anything at all? It sounds silly, but a lot of us are guilty of losing the battle to procrastination. Saying we'll do something is completely different
It sucks when it feels like you're losing control of your life. Don't buckle from the stress. Instead, whip your chaotic schedule into submission.
There's no arguing that we're all swamped these days. Hey, that's not necessarily bad: A new study from the University of Chicago found that we're actually happier when we're busy. Problem is, experts say we stink at
Is <em>chika</em> time affecting your productivity at work? Here are sure-fire ways to prevent colleagues from wasting your time.