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It’s all in your mind.
I absolutely despise mornings. I have so much more energy at night and honestly, my mind doesn't fully function before 10:00 a.m. Since my job warrants me to get up earlier than I want to, I knew that I
'Paano ba 'to?'
Angel Locsin is glowing!She just got engaged to her boyfriend Neil Arce earlier today, and we can tell she's still over the moon. On her Instagram account, she showed off the sparkler and described the proposal as the "surprise
It's super easy!
Whatever level of makeup skill you have, it's normal to get a few black clumps and blobs on your lids every time you apply mascara. And if you're worried about erasing your excellently applied eyeshadow or concealer, we teach you ~
Take notes, CGs.
It's been over four months since Erich Gonzales went through her drama-filled breakup with Daniel Matsunaga. But the Kapamilya star seems to be waaay past those complicated times, and recently spoke to ABS-CBN about how those experiences helped her
And for FREE!
Are you starting your own business and looking into social media to increase people's awareness on your brand? Or do you want your social media accounts to reflect your passion and use it as part of your resume or CV someday?
It isn't the end of the world.
Let's say you've finally gotten out of that toxic and painful relationship, so what now? We know getting over a bad relationship is easier said than done, but it's still possible to move on. Here's how you can
Style tips from Liz, George, Belle, and the rest of the gang.
The It Girls are taking over our weekly #OOTD roundup. Below, score tips on how to cop their style.ISABELLE DAZAThrow in an interesting print when color blocking. Break up your solids with a printed piece that adds a fun factor to
Secrets from the selfie expert herself!
Selfies have become a thing thanks to social media (so much so that it's already in the Oxford Dictionary), and it's not about to disappear from your feeds anytime soon. So if you want to up your selfie game to
Forgive yourself.
1. Understand that it's the best for both of you. He just saved you from future heartache. It means he wanted you to be part of his life for good. Because if you will move on to the next level, there
Noted, SJP!
When you're petite, wearing denim pants can make your legs look shorter, but fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker, who stands at 5'3," has aced looking tall in jeans. The star disclosed her secret in her interview with People. "I've been
Not a people person? You can totes pass for one with these tips!
1. Remember, a lot of people think they're shy or awkward-like you. Whether or not the people around you really are, this should make things feel easy for you. There's no pressure. So go ahead and smile and say
Here's how to make the most out of your money for and during your European tour.
1. Divide your travel expenses into five major buckets: visa processing, intercontinental transportation, accommodation, pocket money, and emergency money. Pocket money includes budget for sightseeing, food, and city transportation.2. Make tons of sacrifices. Before your trip, don't buy expensive coffee,
Wondering why some guys feel the need to lie all the time? Here are some truths behind his motive.
We dug through the new book Liespotting: Proven Techniques To Detect Deception by Pamela Meyer, and discovered some interesting info about what drives men to make stuff up.1. His main lie motivator? Bragging. Guys most often fib to appear more powerful
The old method of getting over a guy involved nothing more complicated than a tub of ice cream. These days, your tactics have to involve technology.
Splitting up sucks. You got dumped, you cut him loose...sometimes it doesn't even matter. Fact is, there's pain and sadness and anger, and that's never going to change (sorry). And these days, getting over a split may be
The more people you know, the more opportunities for adventure. Try these tips to widen your circle.
1. Be the social coordinator. Ideas: Throw a cool mixer, get a group together to try out a just-opened restaurant, or round people up to go play bar trivia. Not only will you be the center of attention-everybody will make
Finding the best fragrance for you or as a gift, and making it last from daytime to party time? Our expert tells you the whys and hows.
We've all had that unpleasant experience: you receive a bottle of perfume as a gift, spray it on, and realize it, ugh, smells more like something that's been sitting in your grandmother's dresser since World War II than something
No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can't seem to find the right words to say. Follow these tips to know how to help a friend in crisis.
1. To relate to what a pal is going through, think back to a similar situation you were in. Example: If she's frustrated about finding a guy, recall the worries you had when looking for a job.2. The more info
Downed too many drinks? Had unprotected nooky? Here are the body-saving tips you need ASAP...and later in the day.
You know you shouldn't have, so we'll spare you the lecture on how only a bonehead would make these what-were-you-thinking mistakes. Instead, we'll focus on minimizing the fallout. 1. You seriously pigged out.Do this now: •
Bonding with people doesn't just feel good--it also helps you get what you want in life. We share an expert's secrets to making it happen.
Here's the real deal: You may be talented and charming, but it's the ability to click with anyone-your boss, that hottie, new friends-who can ultimately land you the promotion, a date, and strong BFF bonds. "Instant connections are
Make your most alluring facial features--cheekbones, lips, and eyes--take center stage using light-reflecting highlighter.
The technique:1. Apply cream highlighter to the top of your cheekbone with your middle finger. Start just above the apple of your cheek, and follow the outer edge of your eye bone, making a crescent-moon shape. Stop when your finger