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Whatever level of makeup skill you have, it's normal to get a few black clumps and blobs on your lids every time you apply mascara. And if you're worried about erasing your excellently applied eyeshadow or concealer, we teach you ~
Take notes, CGs.
It's been over four months since Erich Gonzales went through her drama-filled breakup with Daniel Matsunaga. But the Kapamilya star seems to be waaay past those complicated times, and recently spoke to ABS-CBN about how those experiences helped her
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Are you starting your own business and looking into social media to increase people's awareness on your brand? Or do you want your social media accounts to reflect your passion and use it as part of your resume or CV someday?
It isn't the end of the world.
Let's say you've finally gotten out of that toxic and painful relationship, so what now? We know getting over a bad relationship is easier said than done, but it's still possible to move on. Here's how you can
Style tips from Liz, George, Belle, and the rest of the gang.
The It Girls are taking over our weekly #OOTD roundup. Below, score tips on how to cop their style.ISABELLE DAZAThrow in an interesting print when color blocking. Break up your solids with a printed piece that adds a fun factor to
Secrets from the selfie expert herself!
Selfies have become a thing thanks to social media (so much so that it's already in the Oxford Dictionary), and it's not about to disappear from your feeds anytime soon. So if you want to up your selfie game to
Forgive yourself.
1. Understand that it's the best for both of you. He just saved you from future heartache. It means he wanted you to be part of his life for good. Because if you will move on to the next level, there
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