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There might be a real, scientific reason behind the problem.
It's weird how sometimes, despite having had a solid eight hours of sleep the night before, you can find it almost impossible to get out of bed. How can this be? It doesn't make sense. Sure, your bed
Create a fresh and dewy canvas.
If you haven't been clocking in enough sleeping time lately, fear not! We rounded up the best primers that can instantly plump and brighten dehydrated and dull skin.The gold flakes and hyaluronic acid content of this base will wake
Seriously, I was 28 going on 82.
By the beginning of January 2018, there was no "new year, new me" feeling. My voice had gone a good octave lower and I was permanently snoozing my alarm clock. I wish I could say I was just burnt-out after the
Give 'em some much-needed TLC!
Whether you've walked all day in heels or flats, your legs and feet need to rest. Here's how to give 'em some TLC.Soaking your legs and feet in warm water can soothe and comfort your tired
Hello, bright eyes!
If there's one body part that can easily give away how you feel, it's your eyes. When you're puyat and pagod AF, your eyes will definitely say that you haven't had a full eight-hour sleep. However, with
Newsflash: The reasons aren't something a quick nap can fix.
You skip breakfast.The one chow-down commandment you shouldn't forget: You've got to eat like a queen during breakfast, like a princess during lunch, and like a pauper during dinner.Breakfast helps your body get going in the morning
Only coffee can give you the strength to face each day.
1. Your A.M. alarm is the enemy. And the snooze button is your best friend-that is, until the alarm shrieks into your ears again. (That snooze button! What a traitor!)2. You're always hurrying to get ready in the
Here, three signs you probably need a break.
You feel physically and emotionally tired all the time.If you're always early for work and the last one to leave, you'll eventually feel burned out, and it's only going to get worse. When you're physically and emotionally
Because it's entirely up to you.
1. Know what you want in the long run and plan ahead.Some of us get a job and try to climb the corporate rungs. Others, though, have their ambitions elsewhere, and only look at their job as something to fund other
Find out what your guy <i>really</i> wants to do when you hit the sack after a busy workweek.
When you and your guy work five days a week, sometimes all you want to do is relax the moment you get home. But, that doesn't mean you can't still be intimate with each other. Here's a cheat sheet