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Katinko has partnered with over 30 Filipino artists.
When news broke on October 5 that Katinko partnered with Filipino artists to spruce up their packages, titas everywhere celebrated. The first batch of wooden boxes were designed by Francis Nacion, an artist who hails from Aklan and is known for his
¡Gran noticia! Dora is coming to the big screen!
Dora The Explorer hits the big screen in a live-action movie that your godchildren will so love. Dora And The Lost City of Gold takes the explorer and treasure hunter into her high school years and eventually on an adventure. Take
Please bless us with a photo soon, Liza!
ICYMI, Liza Soberano is now officially a tita! Her younger brother Justin Soberano's baby was born two weeks ago, on February 18, 2019. During her guesting with reel and real-life boyfriend Enrique Gil on Tonight With Boy Abunda, the
She treats you like one of her own.
Titas sometimes get a bad rap for their body-shaming comments or their annoying inquiries about your relationship status, but they have their golden moments, too. Here are a few things you can probably relate to if your tita is one of
For times you wanna give your liver a break.
Gone are the days when going out and having fun with your friends meant boozing it up at the newest bar or club (you'd like to be able to actually hear your kabarkada's latest life update this time). Thanks to
'Cause it's time for them family reunions once again!
This article is an exerpt from The Best of Ang Pinaka published by Summit Books. Available in bookstores for P250! ***Chances are you've met or even personally know a "tita." She's the lady (of a certain age) in your life
We're not the only ones obsessed with this baby girl.
Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho surprised everyone with their big reveal just last month - the couple had a baby girl via surrogate and her name, as you all know by now, is Scarlet Snow Belo.Scarlet Snow (we're OBSESSED with
You get a random message like, "Gustong-gusto ko nang matikman ang pizza mo."
When your Facebook wall has become 99% baby monthsaries and wedding videos, you know your single life has reached a pit stop. Most of my peers are now focused on raising children, so they rarely reply to my mass text, "Who's
We've all had a "tita moment"-that time when you skipped GNO because you just wanted to watch your Koreanovelas at home, or when you tied a bright AF ribbon around your maleta strap so you can spot it miles away
...even though you're really not.
1. You shamelessly steal tissue from restaurants.You obviously paid way too much for your pasta, so you might as well take advantage. Isama mo na yung cream and sugar!2. Longchamp bags and giant totes are the way to go...Chic
Of course I'm going to buy him tiny, adorable sneakers even though he can't walk yet.
1. You can buy completely impractical items.Sippy cups and educational toys are for moms and dads to buy. You get to buy your nephew a hat with lobster claws sticking out of it and teeny, tiny sneakers even though he can'