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'Cause it's time for them family reunions once again!
This article is an exerpt from The Best of Ang Pinaka published by Summit Books. Available in bookstores for P250! ***Chances are you've met or even personally know a "tita." She's the lady (of a certain age) in your life
There is no greater pleasure than being canceled on when you never really wanted to go in the first place.
1. You've gotten into the habit of putting your phone on airplane mode and getting into bed with a hot water bottle and matching pajamas at around 9 p.m. every night.2. There is no greater pleasure than being canceled
We've all had a "tita moment"-that time when you skipped GNO because you just wanted to watch your Koreanovelas at home, or when you tied a bright AF ribbon around your maleta strap so you can spot it miles away
...even though you're really not.
1. You shamelessly steal tissue from restaurants.You obviously paid way too much for your pasta, so you might as well take advantage. Isama mo na yung cream and sugar!2. Longchamp bags and giant totes are the way to go...Chic
From your favorite tita to your lovable driver, everyone's got something to say about love.
1. Your family's opinion about your S.O. matters. You're old enough to know that the "Us Against The World" type of love is total B.S. and only really happens in the movies. So before you get annoyed with