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Some good news, finally.
Good news, world: We have a happy update about how Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are doing. Yay! Pause your social-distancing movie streaming and allow us to fill you in.According to Chet Hanks (Tom and Rita's son, whom you
They got tested after experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus disease in Australia.
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are the first Hollywood celebrities to reveal that they tested positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In an Instagram post today, March 12, Tom said they got tested after experiencing symptoms of the virus in Australia. "
'Parasite' joins a rather surprising list of unexpected winners.
Several aspects make a film work-the acting, the script, the production design, cinematography, and directing must come together to create one moving piece. They are all important in their own way, and films are often judged on these elements and how
Yes, of all time. You can handle it!
Nora Ephron wrote a perfect screenplay-this is not up for debate-that at its heart asks, "Can men and women ever really be friends?" In the case of Harry and Sally, the answer is yes, they can be. Friends and soulmates.
He doesn't want to 'attract unwanted attention' to them.
Tom Hanks did it. Ellen DeGeneres (kinda) did it. Hell, just about every award winner of all time takes a moment to thank their children or their family in their speech, and last night's Golden Globes was no exception to
*runs out to buy the 'Legally Blonde' book*
You know how there's always that one friend who's like, "Well, the book was *way* better than the movie. Have you not read it yet?" Yeah, we all have 'em! And they probably mean well, but it&#
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 And it's finally here! The Gutierrez family-Raymond, Richard, Ruffa, and their parents, Annabelle Rama and Eddie-will star in It Takes GUTZ To Be A Gutierrez, a reality show on E!. It's the channel's very first Asian