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Yup, he appeared in their MVs not just once but twice!
In case you're not familiar with how the Hallyu world ~revolves~, your favorite Korean actors don't just appear in K-dramas or K-movies-they make special cameos in K-pop music videos, too! We're always
Her favorite hobby? Oil painting!
I remember the day the trailer for Tomorrow dropped. Group chats were buzzing with excitement over a new K-drama and to make it even more thrilling, it's one about grim reapers! Tomorrow, which stars SF9's Rowoon, Kim
Welcome back, Kim Woo Bin!
You guys, Kim Woo Bin is in the K-drama scene! The Uncontrollably Fond actor went on a two-year hiatus after he was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer and he returned to the industry in 2019, where he appeared in a number