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As part of our 3rd anniv celebration, we round up the posh bags you peeked into the most in the past year. Check them out now!
We Cosmo chicks are cray-cray over bags! Besides the fact that they offer handy storage for our day-to-day essentials and kikay kits, bags also make for instant accessories, livening up an outfit on any given day. We've seen
As part of our 3rd anniv Top 10 series, we take you through the star-filled stories that had you clicking like crazy in the past 12 months!
One thing that we gals at are proud of is that we're always on top of what's happening among local and international Tinseltown's finest. Through our Buzz List section, we aim to keep you in the loop
In celebration of's 3rd anniv, we're taking a look back at our top stories. This week, we're counting down your favorite online hotties!
As part of our 3rd birthday celebration, we launched our Best of series last week, kicking off with a roundup of our Top 10 Cover Girls. This week, we're putting the spotlight on the Online Hunks who got you
The online home of fun, fearless Pinays is now three years old! We kick off our best-of series with the cover chicks who got you clicking the most.
It was three years ago when the Filipina's lifestyle guide on fashion, beauty, sex, career, and relationships sought and conquered a totally different platform--the Internet! With the birth of in September 2009, Cosmo became a stronger, bolder, daily
We pay tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time in this gallery of classic songs by the late Whitney Houston.
By now, we're sure you've heard that the woman who influenced a generation of singers, musicians, and regular folks like us to pursue our passions (and purge our emotions through song) passed away last Saturday at the age of 48.
See our list of the hottest famous couples who upped the <i>kilig</i> factor for us this year!
In the world of entertainment, the year 2011 will be remembered for its many epic relationships. Admist all the high-profile breakups we witnessed (such as that of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, John Lloyd Cruz and
So many hunky actors heated up the big screen last year with their soulful eyes and chiseled bods. Find out who made it to our list!
As we welcome a new year, let's first look back on the awesome year we've had in film...particularly when it comes to lead actors. We know that if there's one thing that's guaranteed to have you girls
Get acquainted with our September cover girl, as we list little-known trivia about her fabulous life.
With a reality show keeping up with her life and paparazzi following her 24/7, is there anything else we don't know about our gorgeous cover girl Kim Kardashian? Her claim to fame is her awesome bod and her surname, but
See how Cosmo has changed in the past couple of years! We rank the most popular cover girl behind-the-scenes galleries since 2009. Did your favorite make it?
Our fun, fearless cover girls put a fab face to Cosmo every month, and these ladies deserve huge props for the hard work and long hours they put into achieving that one perfect photo that makes it to the cover of the
We list our favorite voluptuous stars who are positive role models for a healthy body image.
It's about time women get smart about their assets-and we're not just talking about real estate or stocks. After the waif and the ultra thin body trends, nowadays women are more than happy to see that the feminine, curvy
Flashback to good old memories of the past decade with these still LSS-worthy Pinoy songs.
Get into the holiday mood even more by setting a Christmas-themed "movie night" with friends or family. Here, our top picks.
Infectious tunes, heavy beats, and rock music make up this year’s list of chart-topping hits.
10. "Permanent" by David CookThe American Idol 7 winner's charity song that takes the tenth spot in our year-end countdown is dedicated to his brother who died from brain cancer, which David performed on the season finale of American
Is your man glued to the tube? Then spend quality time watching his faves with him. He'd love you for it.