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The wines were produced in France!
BIGBANG's T.O.P is adding business owner to his resume!T.O.P recently revealed the launch of his new wine company T'Spot. According to his Instagram posts, T.O.P personally curated the selection of wines
Alexa, play 'Still Life' by BIGBANG.
Following the successful release of BIGBANG's new song "Still Life", T.O.P got candid about the time he spent as a member of the boy group and his future plans. On April 5, T.O.P shared a heartfelt
T.O.P. is back!
Good news, VIPs! We might just be getting new music from BIGBANG's T.O.P. ~soon~.T.O.P. recently graced the cover of Prestige Hong Kong magazine's March issue and a sneak peek into his interview hinted
Say B-I-G to the BANG!
VIPs, get ready to spend your 13th-month pay on PEACEMINUSONE's new release!The fashion brand, launched by BIGBANG's G-Dragon and his stylist Gee Eun in 2016, is widely known for its limited-edition items that sell
Legendary tracks from legendary boys.
ICYDK, you can now watch BIGBANG's Made: The Movie on Netflix! So, what better way to ~celebrate~ this by listing down the boys' *best* songs to hype you up? BIGBANG's diverse discography can go from powerful to
They buy merch and line up for concerts too!
A handful of Filipino celebrities have openly expressed their love for their favorite K-pop idols, and like us, have turned to them for inspiration and kilig! So the next time you buy that merch or tweet your adoration for your bias,
What a comeback!
BIGBANG is set to perform at Coachella 2020 which is considered as one of the *biggest* music festivals of the year.Coachella dropped its official lineup on January 3, with the four-piece K-pop group playing two dates: April 10 and
What could be next for the boys of Big Bang?
Big Bang members Taeyang and Daesung were discharged from their mandatory military service in South Korea on November 9.According to Soompi, a large crowd of fans gathered at the Korean Military's Ground Operations Command in Yongin to celebrate Taeyang and
The act aims to counter malicious comments.
In the wake of the sudden passing of former f(x) member Sulli on October 14, Soompi reported that South Korean lawmakers are pushing for a bill called the "Sulli Act" in an effort to counter malicious comments. The bill is set
He totally thanked fans for their support, even after the drug scandal. Welcome back, oppa!
It's been over two years since Big Bang's T.O.P. enlisted for military service in February 2017 as a police officer. Shortly thereafter, he was removed because of his drug conviction with marijuana. He was hospitalized after